Correct spelling for BAGET

We think the word baget is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for baget

  • aged On their way thither they took up at York their aged and valued friend Elizabeth Rowntree of Scarborough, who was on the appointment.
  • backed "My dear chap, I'm sorry to tell you that Mrs. West and I have just had a row," said Mr. Somerled, "and she's backed out of the trip."
  • bade Father says so; and it was my mother that bade me come.
  • badge The term "free thinker," which ought to be the highest badge a man could wear, is still almost everywhere throughout America a term of vague terror.
  • badger Nacherally when the ontaught Coyote lays down on his face an' goes to gropin' about to fetch that badger forth the latter never hes'tates.
  • bag I have it here in my bag.
  • bagel She bit into her own bagel and for a while we both just chewed in silence.
  • baggy His slippered feet like lightning flew; the bells upon his robes rang out, and he would twirl upon his toes until his many-colored baggy robes stood out and he seemed like a brilliant human top.
  • baguette The baguette of Delille is no shepherd's crook; it has more the fashion of a drumstick,-baguette de tambour.
  • baht "Maw ni khrap" he called out to the salesmen pointing to all three and handing them each twenty baht.
  • bait You bet you ain't; you're goin' to fish, An' bait, an' bait agin, Until success will bite your hook, For grit is sure to win.
  • bake In Lancashire was heard the following, proclaimed in the towns and villages: "Get up old wives, And bake your pies, 'Tis Christmas-day in the morning; The bells shall ring, The birds shall sing, 'Tis Christmas-day in the morning."
  • baked Moreover, rolls or muffins may be baked in the afternoon until done thoroughly, but not brown, wrapped in a cloth, and put away in a cool place.
  • baker Mr. Shepperd, the butcher, the baker, and I formed the staff.
  • ballet We are told of a Mr. Percival Jenks, whose frequent visits to the theatre have led to the loss of his heart to a beauteous ballet-girl.
  • barge As soon as the barge arrived alongside, the royal standard was hoisted, that of the venerable admiral being shifted to a frigate, and a royal salute thundered forth from all the ships, while hearty cheers rose from the throats of the gallant crews as they stood on the outstretched yards.
  • bart 187.-The engraving in the Antiquarian Repertory was made from a drawing in the possession of the late Sir William Burrell, Bart.
  • basket "I can't go-so fast," my companion said humbly; "you might jest-set the basket down anywheres.
  • basset The Countess sighed and cast down her eyes, the Dominican remained silent, and Trescorre said quietly to Odo, "Her Highness would be pleased to have you join her in a game at basset."
  • bast 9. He then began his strength to prove, bast to bind, make of it loads; then faggots carried home, the livelong day.
  • baste Baste with hot water containing a bit of grated lemon-peel and a teaspoonful of sherry, putting a teaspoonful of butter into the liquor as it forms in the dish.
  • bat One of the jolliest kinds of outdoor parties is a bacon bat.
  • bate By their increase With out de bate Concord and peace Of her sup port, They be the base with stedfastnesse Vertue and grace Stay and comfort Of Albi ons rest, The sounde Pillar And seene a farre Is plainely exprest Tall stately and strayt By this no ble pour trayt Philo to the Lady Calia, sendeth this Odolet of her prayse in forme of a Piller, which ye must read downward.
  • beaked But he, indeed, abides at his high-beaked sea-traversing ships, enraged against Agamemnon, the shepherd of the people.
  • becket We are evidently intended to sympathize, and we do sympathize, with Becket, simply because we feel that he is staking his life on a principle; but what that principle precisely is, and what its bearings on history and civilization, we are left to find out for ourselves.
  • beet The French workwoman must give eleven or twelve sous, and then have only beet sugar, which has not much over half the saccharine quality of cane sugar.
  • beget May I reach That purest heaven, be to other souls The cup of strength in some great agony, Enkindle generous ardor, feed pure love, Beget the smiles that have no cruelty, Be the sweet presence of a good diffused, And in diffusion ever more intense.
  • bet "I'll bet you would," answered the owner, gazing at the lad admiringly.
  • bight The ship swung with gentle tugging in the bight of a whale line that had been lashed to a small anchor.
  • bigot If the great chiefs were to drink and dance all night as Bigot and his friends do, then indeed would we cease to be the mighty League of the Hodenosaunee."
  • bogart
  • bogey
  • bogota
  • bucket
  • budget
  • bugged
  • gadget
  • get
  • piaget
  • target
  • Bagged When you've got that idee bagged, it'll be time enough fer the weepon.
  • Banged Of course a couple of field-pieces planted on the nearest cliff could have banged the place to rubbish in half an hour, but to foemen armed as themselves, or even with rifles, this stronghold of the Igazipuza was a very formidable fastness indeed, and not far short of impregnable.
  • Barked The great mastiff barked from the dog-house; the stag-hound, and the grayhound, and the spaniel, issued barking from the hall-door, and my Lady Lillycraft's little dogs ramped and barked from the parlour window.
  • Begged "Pray do not be frightened," Flavia begged.
  • Begat The one legend simply begat the other.
  • Begot Let it be remembered that their long intimacy with Captain Bligh, in whose distresses they were partakers, and whose sufferings were severely felt by them, naturally begot an abhorrence towards those whom they thought the authors of their misery,-might they not forget that the story had been told to them, and by first of all believing, then constantly thinking of it, be persuaded at last it was a fact within the compass of their own knowledge.
  • Bodged
  • Bogged
  • Bret
  • Budged
  • bags I give her ginger, an' hot-water bags, an' poultices.
  • barges As the burnished clouds fade from the sky on the dark surface of the river the black barges hang their lights and in Cheyne Row and Glebe Place, down Oakley Street, and along the wide spaces of Cheyne Walk, lamps burn mildly in a hundred windows.
  • badges Mr. King was and during the meets it had become the custom with professionals to furnish their assistants with duplicate badges, which enabled them to enter and leave the aero grounds unchallenged by the gateman, and ticket takers.
  • begets Such a faith begets a sincere obedience in our life and conversation.
  • baaed "Fellows, hurry your bones and see who is here," baaed Billy to Stubby and Button.
  • barged Pat, you barged in here squalling about some new invention.
  • antichrists My sword was never out of my grip, and I marched as it were in a path of light, so wonderful was the immediate instinct with which I was directed to the accomplishment of that adventure, the success of which overwhelmed the fierce and cruel Antichrists at Edinburgh with unspeakable consternation and panic.

26 words made from the letters baget

4 letter words made from baget:

bate, abet, teba, geta, egba, beta, gate, beat, beag.

3 letter words made from baget:

bat, tea, beg, age, tag, ate, teg, eta, get, tab, gat, bag, gab, geb, bet, eat.

5 letter words made from baget:


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