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How to spell BAIES correctly?

If you're mistakenly typing "baies" instead of the correct spelling, there are a few suggestions to consider. The word "babies" refers to infants, while "bays" are bodies of water. Additionally, "baits" are lures used in fishing, and "bales" refers to bundles of goods. Keep these options in mind to avoid misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell baies correctly

  • Ais Ais is a French word that means "is.
  • baas The baas of the farm instructed his workers to begin harvesting the crops.
  • BABES I can't believe I let those BABES get away.
  • Babies Babies are so adorable and filled with innocence.
  • baddies I'm so glad they're baddies.
  • baggies I packed my baggies for the beach.
  • Baileys I like to add Baileys to my coffee for a sweet treat.
  • BAILS The defendant's family members were unable to raise enough money to pay the bails.
  • baits You can use baits to catch fish.
  • baize The card table was covered in green baize to protect the playing surface.
  • bakes My mother bakes the best apple pie.
  • bales I'm going to bring in some bales of hay.
  • banes The banes of his existence were deadlines and noisy neighbors.
  • bares I ain't wearing no bares
  • Barnes The Barnes family is from Delaware.
  • bars I like to visit bars with live music on weekends.
  • base
  • Bases The team's success in the game was largely due to their ability to steal bases.
  • basis She has a good basis of knowledge in economics, but still needs to do more research for her thesis.
  • bass I love the sound of the bass guitar in this song.
  • BATES The actress BATES MOTEL takes its name from this town in West Virginia.
  • Bayes I always Bayes before making any decisions.
  • Bays The boat glided easily into the calm waters of the bays.
  • beanies My grandma always sported brightly-colored beanies.
  • Bees Bees are important pollinators for many of our crops.
  • bias The news media outlet should aim to avoid bias and present accurate information to its readers.
  • Biases It is important to recognize and address our own biases in order to promote fairness and equality.
  • bides He bides his time for the right opportunity to arise.
  • bikes Many people enjoy riding bikes because it is good exercise.
  • BIOS The BIOS is responsible for initiating hardware and loading the operating system.
  • Bis Bis is an occult word meaning two.
  • bites
  • busies She busies herself with work to avoid thinking about her recent breakup.
  • rabies Rabies can be fatal if not treated quickly.

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