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How to spell BAKEN correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "baken" instead of the intended word, "bacon", fear not. Common spelling suggestions for this error could be: "bake", "taken", "broken" or "baker". These corrections ensure your message is clear and maintains the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell baken correctly

  • aiken
  • akin The two species of birds are so similar that they might be considered akin.
  • backed
  • backer The entrepreneur's successful pitch gained him a millionaire backer for his startup.
  • bacon
  • Baden I plan on visiting the thermal baths in Baden soon.
  • bairn The bairn cried for his mother's milk.
  • bake
  • baked
  • baker The baker was up early, kneading dough and baking fresh bread for her customers.
  • bakers The bakers at the local bakery wake up early every morning to prepare fresh bread and pastries.
  • bakery I love the smell of fresh bread from the bakery.
  • bakes She bakes the most delicious apple pie for every family gathering.
  • baking I love baking cookies with chocolate chips.
  • baku
  • baleen Whales use baleen to filter krill from seawater.
  • balkan The Balkan region has a complex history of ethnic and political disputes.
  • ban The school decided to ban all electronic devices during class.
  • bane The bane of his existence was his constant procrastination.
  • banker John's father is a banker who manages the finances of the local community.
  • Barked
  • barker The barker at the circus tried to attract the crowd's attention with his loud voice.
  • barmen
  • barn The farmer stored his hay and animals in the barn.
  • barren The desert is a barren place with no signs of life.
  • batten
  • beaked The eagle had a sharp, beaked nose.
  • beaker The scientist poured the green liquid into the beaker to test its reaction to heat.
  • beaten After being beaten badly in the first half, the team rallied to win the game.
  • Been
  • ben
  • Betaken
  • bike
  • biker
  • blacken
  • Boxen
  • bracken The forest was dense with bracken ferns.
  • broken
  • darken As the sun began to set, the sky started to darken, casting deep purples and oranges over the horizon.
  • ken I have a ken of animals.
  • oaken The old librarian sat in his oaken chair, surrounded by dusty books from years past.
  • shaken She was shaken by the news of her friend's sudden death.
  • taken I have taken my medicine every morning for the past week.
  • waken I'll waken you up at 6 am tomorrow so that we are not late for the meeting.
  • weaken The illness will weaken his immune system.

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