Correct spelling for BAKEN

We think the word baken is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for baken

  • Barn(Definition of barn)
  • Since they left, not a single barn has been burned, not a chicken stolen.

  • Beckon(Definition of beckon)
  • Jan crept in to peep, and he caught sight of a stained window full of pale faces, which seemed to beckon him, and he went into the church and no one molested him.

  • Bakery(Definition of bakery)
  • Big boys and wee maidens, they threw themselves upon him with shrill clamor and enthusiastic embraces, swarming about his legs as, with twinkling eyes and genial greeting, he lifted the little ones high in air and kissed their dimpled cheeks, and shook the struggling boys heartily by the hand, and was pulled this way and that way until eventually borne off in triumph towards the spickspan new shop, with its glittering white front and alluring display of fruit, pastry, and confectionery, all heralded forth under the grandiloquent but delusive sign, "bald eagle bakery."

  • Oaken(Definition of oaken)
  • Beacon(Definition of beacon)
  • The lamp is filled; the wick is trimmed; the screen, which is ingeniously made to revolve by the heat of the lamp, is lubricated, and the beacon is left to its solitude and its work.

  • Backer(Definition of backer)
  • Backer, a. de, bibl., des ecr. de la comp de jes. cited, 224 n.

  • Weaken(Definition of weaken)
  • Broken(Definition of broken)
  • Aiken(Definition of aiken)
  • He'd bring a good price, aiken added, reflectively.

  • Shaken(Definition of shaken)
  • Ben(Definition of ben)
  • Oh, ben, it's winter.

  • Beaker(Definition of beaker)
  • Then he hurled the full beaker of that wrathful scorn for which his heart, beating for the people, was noted, at the head of the individual who was first and foremost responsible for the affairs of the empire.

  • Bairn(Definition of bairn)
  • Again the old man's heart overcame him; his head sank, and he murmured,-"lord, i haena a drap o' milk to gie my bairn-me 'at wad gie 'im my hert's bluid!

  • Boxen(Definition of Boxen)
  • Bike(Definition of bike)
  • In the combined statistical area, daytona beach international airport also serves the area, and is used by many tourists seeking to directly connect to daytona beachs many local offerings, such as daytona beach bike week, speedweeks and spring break.

  • Barren(Definition of barren)
  • No more than the barren hill, however, had the fertile valley anything for them.

  • Barked(Definition of Barked)
  • The watch-dogs already knew him, and only barked once as he stepped over the threshold.

  • Betaken
  • Alexius comnenus, a grandson of the wicked emperor andronicus i., had betaken himself to the eastern frontiers of the empire when constantinople fell, and obtained possession of trebizond and the long slip of coast-land at the south-east corner of the black sea, from the mouth of the phasis to sinope.

  • Batten
  • After dinner came sir w. batten, and i left him to pay off another ship, and i walked home again reading of a little book of new poems of cowley's, given me by his brother.

  • Beaten(Definition of beaten)
  • They will be beaten to pieces."

  • Barker(Definition of barker)
  • Up, and pleased at tom's teaching of barker something to sing a 3rd part to a song, which will please mightily.

  • Banker(Definition of banker)
  • "no," answered the banker, calmly.

  • Bakes
  • We'll use the range to-night, because i have baked in that oven before and know how it works, but won't know until i experiment with it, how the gasolene oven bakes.

  • Bracken(Definition of bracken)
  • Biking
  • Abundance of terrain ideal for trekking, biking, and rafting make baglung an ideal location for thrill seekers.

  • Bergen
  • But are you from bergen?"

  • Baking(Definition of baking)
  • Beat the whites, add half of them to the mixture, then all the nuts, chopped, then the baking powder, dry, and beat well.

  • Bakers
  • Hence our cakebread and whitbread were probably names given to bakers.

  • Backed(Definition of backed)
  • He had backed his horse while he spoke; he turned a little to the light, and the eye-glass gleamed in his eye.

  • Barmen
  • For other uses, see barmen (disambiguation).

  • Baku(Definition of baku)
  • Diplomatic representation from the us: chief of mission: ambassador stanley t. escudero embassy: azadliq prospekt 83, baku 370007 mailing address: american embassy baku, department of state, washington, dc 20521-7050

  • Baker(Definition of baker)
  • "given into our hands," muttered baker exultingly; then, as the newcomer stepped almost in front of him, he sprang forward, and seized him in no uncertain grip.

  • Ban(Definition of ban)
  • Remoter traditions, like that of the burning of a witch on craig-na-ban, linger in the neighbourhood.

  • Bacon(Definition of bacon)
  • Hev 'e got sum good bacon, raythur vattish?

  • Backing(Definition of backing)
  • Louise asked, backing away from the cliff's crumbling edge.

  • Balkan
  • In the fourteenth century the servian empire comprised the whole balkan peninsula, from greece to poland, and from the black sea to the adriatic.

  • Akin(Definition of akin)
  • This was modelled on type 2, but was much smaller, the body being most akin to modern english.

  • Taken(Definition of taken)
  • Biker
  • Colin bailey (engineer) (born 1967), british structural engineer colin bailey (museum director), british–american museum director colin bailey (musician), british electronic musician known as drums of death colin bailey (police officer) (born 1943), british constable colin bailey (mountain biker) (born 1979), american cyclist in the 1999 uci mountain bike world cup

  • Blacken(Definition of blacken)
  • The last ray of sunshine died away; the deep woods began to blacken; a cool air sighed in the high tops of the trees.

  • Beaked(Definition of beaked)
  • They soon palpably changed by apparent swelling or growth, but were perfectly inactive; but at the end of three hours a beaked appearance was presented.

  • Ken(Definition of ken)
  • Darken(Definition of darken)
  • Baked(Definition of baked)
  • It seemed to us as if the corn entered at one end and the biscuits came out at the other, baked, and all ready to eat.

  • Bake(Definition of bake)
  • Bake in a slow oven one and one-half hours.

  • Baleen(Definition of baleen)
  • Though not as flexible and agile as seals, baleen whales can swim very fast, with the fastest able to travel at 23 miles per hour (37 km/h).

  • Been(Definition of Been)
  • Where has tha' been?

  • Bane(Definition of bane)
  • When his springing orb with spots he pranketh, muffled in a cloud, and shrinks mid-circle, then of showers beware; for then the south comes driving from the deep, to trees and crops and cattle bringing bane.

  • Barking
  • Outside he heard the sharp barking of dogs.

  • Bikini
  • Marshall islands total: 181.3 sq km land: 181.3 sq km water: 0 sq km note: includes the atolls of bikini, enewetak, kwajalein, majuro, rongelap, and utirik

  • Baden
  • A further light is thrown on this melancholy catastrophe by a conversation napoleon had, a few days after his elevation to the imperial throne, with m. masaias, the french minister at the court of the grand duke of baden.

  • Waken(Definition of waken)

29 words made from the letters baken

3 letter words made from baken:

nbe, kea, ane, keb, ebn, nab, ban, neb, ben, ken.

4 letter words made from baken:

baek, kean, keba, enka, anek, bake, neak, bean, bane, kaen, beak, bank, beka.

5 letter words made from baken:

bekan, knabe, kanbe, kaneb, keban, banke.