Correct spelling for BAPTISED

We think the word baptised is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for baptised

  • baptism It is, father, that you will consent to my baptism.
  • baptist Don John the Baptist then, como le whack?
  • baptists They were called 'Shattered Baptists,' because they had broken off from the other Baptists in the neighbourhood who 'did the Lord's work negligently' and did not act up to what they professed.
  • baptize The two strangers said: "We are the Apostles Peter and Paul, who endured death here in thy city of Rome for the Holy Name of Christ, and we bid Sylvester teach and baptize thee into the true faith.
  • Baptized You both need to be baptized over again!"
  • Baptizer Has John the Baptizer risen from the dead?
  • Baptiste Bernard de la Harpe and Louis Juchereau, the Sieur de St. Denis, explored the Red River and penetrated as far as the Spanish settlement of St. Jean Baptiste on the Rio Grande.
  • dishiest

325 words made from the letters baptised

5 letter words made from baptised:

apsed, biase, abide, pebas, saite, daise, abies, stieb, aside, dates, ebadi, pties, bapst, bedia, sabti, staid, bated, satie, tepas, basie, aspie, tsade, dasti, betis, spait, aesti, ispat, edits, tapei, spade, beida, batei, saied, paesi, pedis, taieb, dabis, badis, basit, beats, baits, desai, baste, sapei, saedi, steai, setia, adits, saeid, bidet, seita, piste, speat, bitas, esbat, adept, beads, pesti, sapid, tabis, estai, absit, stipe, paite, biped, teads, besat, sedai, sabei, tsadi, pieds, siped, adsit, sepia, piets, epist, bestp, pates, biest, abeid, seida, bides, sepat, piast, stead, septi, ieast, tabes, bieda, sitae, paide, baise, tapis, stape, petai, diest, spate, pieta, taped, depbs, sabie, dbase, sabet, ipbes, batis, taide, beast, staib, bites, bside, taiep, dabei, tibes, abets, steib, sedia, abedi, pesta, spide, apest, sidea, spite, taibe, badie, besta, tapie, sated, diate, patis, tased, diebs, debit, deist, sabed, debia, setai, paste, deats, piest, bista, based, tepid, sibat, sdate, dabie, aides, batie, spead, depts, pitas, debts, sepad, besti, basti.

3 letter words made from baptised:

dit, bid, dab, sap, ate, das, ida, ade, bps, asp, bad, des, spa, sdb, bed, pas, ape, eat, tip, sat, sib, pat, sep, epa, dis, tab, tie, bet, tad, pet, sea, epi, ies, pei, dts, aid, bap, adp, dat, sit, apt, pid, pes, pad, eta, idp, stp, tia, pbs, deb, psi, tai, die, tea, bai, pia, sbe, pea, tap, atp, pie, pst, dia, bpi, bit, dip, bat, psa, pit, ted, est, sad, sip, set, edp, bse.

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