Correct spelling for BAPTISEM

We think the word baptisem is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for baptisem

  • baptism As the natural birth, so the new and spiritual Birth can take place only once, and that in Holy Baptism.
  • baptismal The best known of his own works is a baptismal hymn, "Father, who hast created all."
  • baptist I could understand a good deal of what he meant, for one of the Baptist ministers of Philadelphia had said to me, with some shame, that at first it used actually to be the case that when Dr. Conwell would enter one of the regular ministers' meetings, all would hold aloof, not a single one stepping forward to meet or greet him.
  • baptize And they were to baptize them into a name; showing that they belonged to those into whose name they were baptized; into the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Baptized Missionaries might instruct, but they had to stop there; and when, as it happened, some Jews were led by the teachings of the missionaries to accept Christianity, they had to be baptized and received as members of the Abyssinian Church.
  • Baptizer
  • Baptiste When I awoke, I found myself lying with my head on Graeme's knees, and Baptiste sprinkling snow on my face.
  • baptisms The king forbade marriages or baptisms, except by Episcopal ministers.
  • baptizes
  • disimprisonments

315 words made from the letters baptisem

5 letter words made from baptisem:

mabie, pates, steai, maist, ieast, sapmi, patis, sabie, setia, tapie, aesti, bimst, batie, betim, abets, metis, biase, ismet, spait, atemi, semba, tabis, tempi, impsa, embia, piest, empts, tames, sapei, ipbes, sabet, mbita, empta, emits, besim, beams, pesta, staib, sibat, besta, ipsam, mapei, aspie, paste, smita, apest, stieb, bista, ibeam, batei, satie, pebas, tapis, saite, baste, batis, basti, baise, setai, bapst, sabti, seima, bamse, basit, spite, piast, iambs, tibes, eitam, paesi, smite, etiam, stemp, tepas, steam, matei, spaem, absit, stipe, metsa, seita, semai, tambe, items, pesti, tambs, sepia, mpbis, sitae, basie, tasim, sampi, tabes, tisma, speat, tapei, apism, samet, temsa, baits, sepat, misab, bites, times, bitas, tamei, siame, piste, sabei, estai, stape, ispat, mates, abies, spime, petai, besat, esbat, bestp, spate, timbs, betis, pties, taieb, pitas, temas, amies, beats, beast, septi, piets, steib, teams, timpe, mapes, pesma, taiep, temba, timba, pimas, ambit, taibe, besti, epist, tempa, pieta, stamp, tsiam, paite, biest.

3 letter words made from baptisem:

pes, abm, est, apt, mps, tai, msb, mit, atm, bet, mes, bat, bpm, epi, tip, stm, psi, psa, tea, tie, mei, pit, pea, set, mst, ate, ism, esm, tam, stp, sit, bpi, pie, mba, sam, pas, sep, sap, sea, bap, spa, pet, map, mis, pat, bit, aim, ies, pia, bps, sbe, ape, eta, sib, tab, pbs, pst, tia, sip, epa, bse, pei, pms, sat, asp, eat, mat, amb, imp, tap, atp, bai, amp.

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