Correct spelling for BAPTISES

We think the word baptises is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for baptises

  • baptism They had had their baptism by fire and had acquitted themselves well.
  • baptist The Baptist bell cried, briskly, 'Come up and be dipped!
  • baptists What with High Church, Low Church, Baptists, Wesleyans, Presbyterians, etc.
  • baptize Tirant led him to the bowl, and pouring water from the pitcher over his head, he baptized him, saying: "King Escariano, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit."
  • Baptizer They require the baptizer, even in cases of necessity, to be of their own faith, on the grounds that a person cannot convey what he himself does not possess, in this case membership in the Church.
  • Baptiste Besides, he scorned to hurry himself for anything so unimportant as eating; that he considered hardly worthy even of Baptiste.
  • baptisms Documents were being prepared, attested copies of certificates of marriages, births, baptisms, and burials were being procured, and all was tending towards the grand result.
  • baptizes Years later Admiral Sebastian Vizcaino in Baptizes, 1596, as La Paz to the city is now the capital of the state of Baja California Sur.
  • co-signing
  • co-signs
  • dishiest
  • disimprisonments

249 words made from the letters baptises

5 letter words made from baptises:

isbas, abssi, setia, patis, pties, betis, sepat, pases, tassi, spate, staes, basts, satie, batis, spats, batie, spait, batei, sesia, apsis, sites, estas, bests, stais, tbsps, pasts, ieast, piast, passe, setai, speat, stipe, bises, pieta, pesti, pesta, tepas, basie, pates, tasse, biase, aesti, abies, sabse, pests, absit, tibes, esbat, passi, sabie, sabet, stieb, seita, steib, ispat, besti, sapei, basit, pissa, sebsi, bites, sitae, piest, bassi, siste, epist, septi, abess, sibat, petai, baste, tapie, baise, paite, bissa, sabti, beats, aspie, tabes, essai, tapei, baits, beast, saite, bitas, ipbes, pebas, steps, spits, spets, paesi, stabs, steai, pitas, sepia, asset, ispas, stasi, saist, besat, septs, tapis, basis, paiss, sates, easts, taiep, bista, stape, bapst, spite, besta, biest, taieb, abets, staib, bestp, apest, bessi, piste, sabei, basse, aspis, sista, basti, tabis, seats, paste, taibe, piets, sabis, speas, estai.

3 letter words made from baptises:

pei, bai, sib, sis, psa, bet, pes, apt, eta, epi, psi, est, sbe, sap, pie, pat, ies, pit, set, tip, eat, asp, ass, pet, pas, tab, atp, bap, tap, tie, bse, bat, tea, stp, epa, sep, tia, bit, pbs, tss, pst, bps, sse, sip, tai, pia, spa, sat, ape, sit, ate, pea, sea, bpi.

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