Correct spelling for BAPTISIED

We think the word baptisied is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for baptisied

  • baptism He must become my vassal and receive holy baptism.
  • baptist It is said, however, that she became a Baptist near the close of her life.
  • baptistery The best fragments belonged to the temple which stood on the site now occupied by the baptistery of Saint Jean.
  • baptists The most numerous class of immigrants for the first fifteen or twenty years were Welsh, most of whom were Quakers with a few Baptists and Church of England people.
  • baptize Then any Catholic can baptize anybody.
  • batiste At the end of the bridge, on the esplanade between the two gardens in front of the octagonal towers whose Gothic arcades, projecting barbicans and noble crown of battlements rose above the grove, Batiste stopped and passed his hands over his face.
  • Baptized Benjamin was afterwards baptized with his whole family in the presence of 3,000 Jews.
  • Baptizer He is the baptizing element administered by Christ the Divine Baptizer: "He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost."
  • Baptiste Then Baptiste did the 'Red River Jig,' a most intricate and difficult series of steps, the men keeping time to the music with hands and feet.
  • dishiest

364 words made from the letters baptisied

5 letter words made from baptisied:

deist, biase, taieb, abedi, bedia, aidit, setai, bestp, steib, pebas, dabie, bapst, tibia, dibis, spiti, basie, bside, bieda, estai, stieb, saite, paesi, piast, abies, dbase, sepat, setia, badie, spate, taiep, depbs, beads, biped, ibadi, biest, paite, dabei, pitie, beidi, sabet, batis, abide, besta, pties, piste, epist, tapie, bidis, beast, baise, batie, pasii, sapei, idtis, abets, saedi, tepas, stead, pieds, satie, idite, taibe, aspie, biasi, sepad, bidet, tiida, ispat, seida, dates, tsadi, sabed, siida, sitia, basit, sitae, disti, sabti, abidi, sedia, beats, dasti, aside, adits, sidea, tapis, pisit, pieta, diebs, saeid, taibi, eibit, sated, bitis, staib, pesti, taide, baste, based, siepi, teads, batei, piets, tased, adsit, staid, ieast, paide, sibat, pitas, adept, sdate, badii, desai, spade, eisai, disip, bites, debts, septi, dabis, sapid, seita, diate, spait, tsade, stipe, daise, apsed, besat, diest, tepid, isaie, saiid, baits, spead, tabes, patis, teiid, spite, bista, stape, deats, piitb, pates, sabei, sedai, daiei, paste, beida, aesti, absit, pibit, tapei, basti, speat, tabis, tisei, ipbes, aditi, taped, piest, edits, saied, esbat, abeid, sepia, debia, depts, apest, pesta, besti, bitas, debit, badis, spide, betis, sabie, bated, ebadi, steai, siped, bides, petai, pedis, tibes, aides.

3 letter words made from baptisied:

dit, bid, dab, sap, ate, das, ida, ade, bps, asp, bad, des, spa, sdb, bed, pas, ape, eat, tip, sat, sib, pat, sep, epa, dis, tab, tie, bet, tad, pet, sea, epi, ies, pei, dts, aid, bap, adp, dat, sit, apt, pid, pes, pad, eta, idp, stp, tia, pbs, deb, psi, tai, die, tea, bai, pia, sbe, pea, tap, atp, pie, pst, dia, bpi, bit, dip, bat, psa, pit, ted, est, sad, sip, set, edp, bse.

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