Correct spelling for BAPTISING

We think the word baptising is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for baptising

  • appetizing What a wealth of appetizing piquancy would vanish from our tables if the onion were to come no more!
  • baptism He held his face quite still for the sweet, strange baptism.
  • baptist Bristol, 1812. Brought up as a Baptist, she, for a time, edited the Bristol Magazine.
  • baptize "Ay, truly," said the hermit, "and many a hundred pagans did he baptize there; but I never heard that he drank any of it.
  • bipartisan I challenge this Congress to send me a bipartisan welfare reform bill that will really move people from welfare to work and do the right thing by our children.
  • partisan Whatever contempt I might entertain for the dangers which this old lady so darkly intimated, it was by no means pleasant, you may suppose, that a secret so dangerous should be so much as suspected by a stranger, and that stranger a partisan of the Count de St. Alyre.
  • Baptizing The captain went off terrific-like everything he did-making Billy Jones's cousin marry his wife, and Peter Extrum marry his; and there was more half-caste baptizing and squealing and certificating than I remember since the tidal wave of Eighty-one!
  • Baptizer "It is Jesus, the Galilean whom Andrew and I saw with John the Baptizer!
  • Baptiste A small ante-chamber had been allotted for his occupation, through which all those who were on their way to the petit lever held in milor's own bedchamber had of necessity to pass; and Baptiste knew exactly who should be allowed to pass and who should not.
  • bypassing The "access economy" or "on-demand economy" poses regulatory and political challenges, such as: defining the nature of the employment relationship; designing regulations to safeguard parties to these transactions; the loss of taxes and corporate access that results from moving away from small locally owned companies to large remote technology companies; and the bypassing of local regulations (such as the requirement for taxi drivers to provide wheelchair vans, or provide drivers 24-7).
  • blitzing This pile of 10 cards is the most important pile of cards to each player since it is the key towards " Blitzing" the other players when all cards from this pile have been cleared.

374 words made from the letters baptising

5 letter words made from baptising:

aisin, bsing, saini, biagi, pibit, isang, piast, angst, pants, ansip, bapst, pisan, tabis, batis, anisi, sinig, gabin, apini, pangi, pasni, pitas, ignis, piing, bipin, sitia, apiin, patis, panti, bisig, sinti, aigis, biasi, astin, nisga, saint, ignat, biang, nisba, spang, bitis, giant, banis, binit, panis, ating, gatis, taibi, gibit, santi, insta, nasib, tiang, patni, pasin, saing, piani, ngiti, tapis, tanii, bangi, ngati, pagni, basit, sinag, gaini, ispat, paign, gabii, sangi, sabin, gisin, bitas, sting, basti, tings, agins, gnats, batin, tsang, atnip, siang, bagni, ginas, staig, binta, bista, bansi, gitai, atigi, staib, isbin, ngsit, tsagi, gnast, bangs, bitan, ainsi, piitb, sinta, spait, binap, nitai, spiga, piang, bants, sapin, absit, gitin, taing, inapt, pisin, piigs, aints, sipan, asing, satin, bints, pangs, ising, siani, tangi, pings, ntags, tisin, tapin, bings, stain, tsing, pisit, spani, binti, banig, spiti, baits, pinas, banti, bigan, pints, apnts, ganis, bagis, niais, taigs, spain, pains, pinga, binga, pasii, pians, ibans, sigan, basin, tangs, sibat, sitin, tinga, sinai, gaint, paint, tinag, sabti, tibia.

6 letter words made from baptising:

instag, pasing, biting, pisang, aginst, pating, tasini, apting, isanti, bangit, ngatis, ignasi, pansit, tipnis, gnptab, paints, siping, pingat, baptin, pisani, taping, gisant, nisbat, sabini, spatin, stibin, pisgat, sigint, pistia, spaing, insati, aiping, tangis, pintas, tsiang, gibian, bastin, bintai, snagit, binits, atigis, bigint, patins, gainst, siting, sangit.

4 letter words made from baptising:

3 letter words made from baptising:

gin, nap, pia, sib, pin, psa, pst, nip, nag, pat, gnp, pan, bag, iga, sap, tpn, tia, sin, sip, bit, nib, bin, psi, bps, pbs, gib, apt, nig, ans, big, bat, nit, gab, gap, sag, tip, pit, nab, pig, tai, gat, tag, asp, bap, bpi, tan, sit, spa, gas, ant, bns, tab, tin, atp, ban, tap, pas, bai, ani, ain, sat, stp.

7 letter words made from baptising:

stabing, bisping, angitis, bitings, basting, pianist, baiting, tapings, basigin, nasipit.

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