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How to spell BARELED correctly?

The correct spelling for "bareled" is "barreled". Some possible similar correct suggestions are "barrelled" or "barrelling". These words all refer to the process of putting something in a barrel, such as aging whiskey or storing wine.

List of suggestions on how to spell bareled correctly

  • Bailed
  • Baled
  • balled She balled up her shirt and threw it in the laundry basket.
  • bared She bared her teeth in a fierce grin.
  • barely
  • barred Due to his criminal record, he was barred from entering the courthouse.
  • barreled The car barreled down the highway, swerving past other vehicles in a reckless manner.
  • barrelled The truck barrelled down the dirt road, swerving around obstacles along the way.
  • Bawled The child bawled when she dropped her ice cream cone.
  • breed Golden Retrievers are a popular breed of dogs due to their friendly and loyal nature.
  • burled The top of the antique desk was made of beautifully burled wood.

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