Correct spelling for BARGEN

We think the word bargen is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for bargen

  • Barn(Definition of barn)
  • Thin he's got inflammathry rheumatism enough to burn a barn, an' he can't turn a page without makin' ye think he's goin' to lose a thumb.

  • Bagel(Definition of bagel)
  • A traditional bialy, or cebularz as it is known in poland, has a diameter of up to 15 cm (6 inches) and is a chewy yeast roll similar to a bagel.

  • Dissipaters
  • Argon(Definition of argon)
  • Space warrior is a 1980 board game published by argon games.

  • Bergen
  • She was going to drive them to the next village, where the doctor would procure another horse and sleigh, and thus procure relays until he reached bergen.

  • Bargemen
  • There was a bar at the jolly bargemen, with some alarmingly long chalk scores in it on the wall at the side of the door, which seemed to me to be never paid off.

  • Barren(Definition of barren)
  • Between barren sea and barren downs the beach stretched away, with not a human shape in sight.

  • Bargain(Definition of bargain)
  • Will you consider it a bargain, then?"

  • Barking
  • Splash had stopped barking.

  • Burger
  • Speaking around some burger, cade said, nothing that isn't in my records.

  • Barker(Definition of barker)
  • It was afternoon of a warm day in august, and esther had gone with mrs. barker to get blackberries, and was not yet returned.

  • Barney
  • I don't think i could shake hands with father barney."

  • Barge(Definition of barge)
  • The large flat barge was almost unoccupied; for the multitude still lingered in the town, and more than one seat was empty for the weary girl to rest on.

  • Berger
  • She presented doctor chartier, who had been present at albert's birth, and had cared for him ever since, and general van berger.

  • Baron(Definition of baron)
  • Resting his chin upon his staff, he signed to the baron, who stood bowing upon the threshold, to approach.

  • Begin(Definition of begin)
  • When does this dancing begin?

  • Barged
  • When she appeared in shakespeares antony and cleopatra with her then-husband, john emery, the new york evening post critic john mason brown wrote, "tallulah bankhead barged down the nile last night as cleopatra – and sank.

  • Banger(Definition of banger)
  • For the european sport formerly known as "stock car racing", see banger racing.

  • Bardeen
  • 1966 — yakov zel’dovich and igor novikov propose searching for black hole candidates among binary systems in which one star is optically bright and x-ray dark and the other optically dark but x-ray bright (the black hole candidate) 1967 — jocelyn bell discovers and analyzes the first radio pulsar, evidence for a neutron star 1967 — werner israel presents the proof of the no-hair theorem at kings college london 1967 — john wheeler introduces the term "black hole" in his lecture to the american association for the advancement of science 1968 — brandon carter uses hamilton–jacobi theory to derive first-order equations of motion for a charged particle moving in the external fields of a kerr-newman black hole 1969 — roger penrose discusses the penrose process for the extraction of the spin energy from a kerr black hole 1969 — roger penrose proposes the cosmic censorship hypothesis 1972 — identification of cygnus x-1/hde 226868 from dynamic observations as the first binary black hole candidate system 1972 — stephen hawking proves that the area of a classical black holes event horizon cannot decrease 1972 — james bardeen, brandon carter, and stephen hawking propose four laws of black hole mechanics in analogy with the laws of thermodynamics 1972 — jacob bekenstein suggests that black holes have an entropy proportional to their surface area due to information loss effects 1974 — stephen hawking applies quantum field theory to black hole spacetimes and shows that black holes will radiate particles with a black-body spectrum which can cause black hole evaporation 1975 — james bardeen and jacobus petterson show that the swirl of spacetime around a spinning black hole can act as a gyroscope stabilizing the orientation of the accretion disc and jets 1989 — identification of microquasar v404 cygni as a binary black hole candidate system 1994 — charles townes and colleagues observe ionized neon gas swirling around the center of our galaxy at such high velocities that a possible black hole mass at the very center must be approximately equal to that of 3 million suns.

  • Begun(Definition of Begun)
  • The bird had begun to sit.

  • Badge
  • The hill trail was nothing but a dotted line, but tom knew it for more than that, for it was along its winding way into the dark recesses of the mountains that he had qualified for the pathfinder's badge.

  • Baden
  • Is it possible you have heard already that arnold brinkworth and his wife have come back from baden?"

  • Bagging(Definition of bagging)
  • His eyesight partially failed him, and it was pitiful to see him on the beach, his threadbare garments fluttering in the wind, groping amid the rubbish for rags, or shuffling along the streets with a huge sack on his back, and his old felt hat tied under his nose with a string, picking his way carefully to spare his swollen feet, which were tied up with bagging and woolens.

  • Barging
  • In 2017, chase joined fellow celebrities simon callow, nigel havers, and debbie mcgee in the channel 5 (uk) show barging loving celebs.

  • Burgeon(Definition of burgeon)
  • Hexagonia is a genus of beetles in the family carabidae, containing the following species: hexagonia andrewesi jedlicka, 1935 hexagonia angustula peringuey 1904 hexagonia apicalis schmidt-gobel, 1846 hexagonia bencoulensis pouillade, 1914 hexagonia bicolor mateu, 1958 hexagonia bowringi schaum, 1863 hexagonia brazzai alluaud, 1931 hexagonia castanea jedlicka, 1936 hexagonia caurina andrewes, 1935 hexagonia cephalotes (dejean, 1826) hexagonia collarti basilewsky, 1948 hexagonia concolor mateu, 1958 hexagonia cyclops matsumara, 1910 hexagonia dohrni andrewes, 1930 hexagonia elongata dupuis, 1913 hexagonia eucharis alluaud, 1932 hexagonia fleutiauxi dupuis, 1913 hexagonia gracilis pouillade, 1914 hexagonia gressitti darlington, 1971 hexagonia guineensis alluaud, 1931 hexagonia immaculata (chaudoir, 1861) hexagonia insignis bates, 1883 hexagonia klapperichi jedlicka, 1953 hexagonia longithorax wiedemann, 1823 hexagonia lucasseni van de poll, 1889 hexagonia major burgeon, 1937 hexagonia natalensis (chaudoir, 1861) hexagonia nigrita van de pali, 1889 hexagonia palauensis darlington, 1970 hexagonia pallida chaudoir, 1878 hexagonia papua darlington, 1968 hexagonia praeusta (chaudoir, 1861) hexagonia punctatostriata (laferte-senectere, 1849) hexagonia sauteri dupuis, 1912 hexagonia scabricollis (klug, 1834) hexagonia seyrigi jeannel, 1948 hexagonia spinigera andrewes, 1941 hexagonia stenodes andrewes, 1935 hexagonia terminalis gemminger & harold, 1868 hexagonia terminata kirby, 1825 hexagonia treichi alluaud, 1925 hexagonia umtalina peringuey, 1904 hexagonia uninotata andrewes, 1935 hexagonia vartianorum jedlicka, 1967 hexagonia venusta peringuey, 1904 hexagonia watanabei morita & toyoda, 2002 hexagonia zumpti liebke, 1939

  • Bacon(Definition of bacon)
  • There was beer always in the cellar, bacon hanging up in the kitchen and a bucket of soft soap in the out-house.

  • Bargeman(Definition of bargeman)
  • There the dumb bargeman made fast the barge to the iron rings of the landing-stage, and so that strange voyage was ended.

  • Barmen
  • Leonid stein vs vladimir bagirov, leningrad 1963, french defense: tarrasch, closed variation (c05), 0-1 vladimir bagirov vs karen ashotovich grigorian, urs 1976, nimzo-larsen attack: indian variation (a01), 1-0 vladimir bagirov vs mark taimanov, urs 1977, queens gambit declined: barmen variation (d37), 1-0

  • Barges
  • "most captains would 'a' cut them barges adrift long before the line broke," replied the mate; "no use thinkin' about them now; they've gone, long ago."

  • Began(Definition of Began)
  • "now, if you folks is ready," began the "judge" again.

91 words made from the letters bargen

5 letter words made from bargen:

rebag, anger, renga, raben, benga, nager, aberg, arben, bange, agner, baren, barne, negra, negar, reang, gaber, brage, range, grabe, agren, angre, bager, grean, brena, berga, regna, nebra, brega, brean, bagre, beran, begar, barge, gerba, ragen, baner, nagbe.

3 letter words made from bargen:

era, ern, ane, nab, beg, bar, ear, erg, ban, gar, are, age, ebn, gab, nbe, reb, ben, nag, geb, gen, rag, arb, bra, rna, neb, bag.

4 letter words made from bargen:

bran, earn, bear, bean, nega, gear, bern, rega, egna, berg, beag, brag, near, bare, ngae, eang, gean, barn, grab, bren, egba, gaen, gran, rage, bang, rabe, garb, bane.