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How to spell BARRIED correctly?

If you accidentally typed "barried" instead of the correct word "buried", worry not! Correct suggestions include "buried" or "interred". Remember to double-check your spelling and use proofreading tools to catch such errors. Don't let a simple misspelling bar you from conveying your message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell barried correctly

  • bared The tree's root system was bared by the strong winds, exposing the soil underneath.
  • barraged I'm appalled by the Barraged party.
  • barre I always attend barre classes to stay in shape.
  • barred The doors to the library were barred shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • barreled
  • barrie
  • barrier
  • barrio Today I am headed to the Barrio Norte.
  • berried After being berried by her boyfriend, she felt very loved.
  • buried We buried her in a private ceremony.
  • burred The grave was burred with freshly dug earth.
  • Carried
  • harried I'm feeling harried today.
  • married After getting married, they moved to Texas.
  • Parried After being sliced in two by the blade, the would-be assassin was parried successfully.
  • Tarried I wanted to leave right after I arrived, but I found myself tarried due to exploration of the exhibit.

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