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How to spell BASEED correctly?

A correct spelling for "baseed" would be "based". Another suggestion could be "basted" which means to moisten meat during cooking, but it may not make sense in the context. Double-checking spellings with a dictionary or spell-checker is always a good idea.

List of suggestions on how to spell baseed correctly

  • Abased The servant was abased by his master's cruel treatment.
  • baaed John wanted to meet Jane at the baaed.
  • baked
  • Baled I baled all the laundry before we went on vacation.
  • bared The bear snarled and bared its teeth, warning us to stay away.
  • base The base of the tree was deep in the ground.
  • based
  • basel Basel is a city in the northwest of Switzerland.
  • Bases The team sprayed lime on the baseball bases to make them more visible.
  • basest I refuse to stoop to my basest instincts and treat others with disrespect.
  • Bashed The thief bashed the window with a brick.
  • Basked I was basked in the rays of the sun.
  • basket I bought a basket of fruits and vegetables from the farmer's market.
  • basset He was a basset hound.
  • baste The chef instructed his assistant to baste the turkey every 30 minutes to keep it moist.
  • Basted I basted the turkey with butter and rosemary.
  • baster My grandmother always used a baster to spread juices over the turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
  • bastes She carefully bastes the turkey to keep it moist as it cooks.
  • bated She was bated by his words.
  • Bayed I called Bayed to ask for help, but he didn't answer.
  • bested Sam was surprised when he was bested by his younger sister in a game of chess.
  • biased She is biased against gay marriage.
  • bleed I accidentally cut my finger with a knife and it started to bleed.
  • Boasted After dinner, Johnny boasted about his new car.
  • Bossed He bossed the team around, giving orders and never listening to their opinions.
  • breed
  • Busied
  • Busked The musician busked on the street corner for hours, earning enough money to pay for dinner.
  • busted The police busted him for selling illegal drugs.
  • cased The detectives cased the scene of the crime for hours, searching for any clues that could help them solve the case.
  • eased The medication eased her pain.
  • hayseed He's a hayseed preacher.
  • seed

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