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How to spell BASENT correctly?

"Basent" is often a misspelling of the word "basement". To avoid this error, remember to use the correct spelling. If you're unsure, rely on auto-correction tools or look up the word to confirm its accuracy. Preventing such misspellings improves clarity and comprehension in written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell basent correctly

  • absent
  • ascent The steep ascent to the top of the mountain was difficult but rewarding.
  • assent The board members nodded in assent to the CEO's proposal.
  • basalt The islands are formed of volcanic basalt.
  • based The movie is based on true events.
  • basement
  • basest
  • basin The water drained into the basin below.
  • Basing Basing your decisions on inaccurate information can lead to negative consequences.
  • basins The kitchen had two basins, one for washing dishes and the other for rinsing.
  • basket She put all the dirty laundry in the basket to take it to the laundry room.
  • basset We saw a basset hound at the dog park yesterday.
  • bast
  • bent
  • beset The company was beset with financial issues, forcing them to lay off several employees.
  • bisect To bisect a circle, you need to draw a line through the center that divides it into equal halves.
  • brent Brent slipped on the icy pavement and fell on his back.
  • nascent The nascent company has shown incredible growth in just a few short months.
  • resent I can't help but resent her for her success while I've been struggling.
  • sent

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