Correct spelling for BATTERIED

We think the word batteried is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for batteried

  • battered "I'm awful sorry to disturb you," Conners said, pushing back his battered felt hat.
  • tattered Above it, near the roof, are numerous tattered flags taken in battle.
  • Bantered Only a week ago out there in the orchard where now the sunlight lay in golden splashes over the fruit trees, she and Red Reckless had bantered each other as they strolled toward the house where Arthur was sitting on the veranda with her mother, watching them.
  • Bartered They are said to-day to be seldom bartered for.
  • Battened There was not a point upon which he could seize; and without some grounds he had no right to search the vessel, whose hold looked to be closely battened down, while there was not a sound to suggest that there were slaves on board.
  • Batterer
  • Batteries They climbed the hill together to the Garrison gate, and thence, bearing away to the left, started to make the round of the batteries.
  • Bettered The appearance promised well, and the performance bettered it.
  • Buttered A man ought to know on which side his bread is buttered."
  • Mattered Intelligence said that nothing mattered except the material.
  • Pattered A faint scream sounded from above, steps pattered on the stairs, and Mrs. Teak, with a red shawl round her shoulders, burst 'hurriedly into the room.

458 words made from the letters batteried

5 letter words made from batteried:

arbet, tetri, rebid, berit, bared, tirat, ditte, raite, tater, breid, adret, taieb, taite, ittar, badie, teter, drita, beard, taide, braid, eibar, abedi, itter, ribat, arete, bdeir, debit, bider, raeti, ribet, debia, brida, debar, bedar, aired, trade, betie, derai, ardee, rateb, tiber, riebe, derbi, tetia, bettr, diate, tiete, badri, ratee, batei, eteri, rabid, beder, erdei, deber, deira, treat, bated, ebadi, treta, dabie, aerie, bride, beria, bitar, atire, bread, britt, biere, bedie, beida, tabdt, trite, beedi, beret, bredt, adire, ittee, teria, adeeb, baire, irate, taibe, treed, batte, eater, teaed, retia, barit, tarte, teide, titer, edite, terai, bedia, itera, eider, darbi, bedri, riede, ardeb, tardi, teatr, raitt, treet, batie, ibert, reate, tried, atete, deeba, arede, trait, teare, barid, ratti, teera, dibra, betar, abeid, bidar, debet, bieda, biard, deter, dartt, trabi, tabet, raide, rabei, tetra, tiree, tebet, beter, aerdi, tired, brade, eader, trate, breit, deair, titre, triet, tibet, ebeid, adree, baier, etter, eared, bradt, tread, erbia, brate, ratte, retie, tirta, breed, triad, batti, berat, bitte, tiede, tribe, beted, detar, abide, beart, ebied, itard, biter, beare, bardi, dabei, iater, detre, debre, bidet, berea.

7 letter words made from batteried:

breetai, aretted, rebated, beadier, debater, abetter, beatier, trebeta, tabered, battier, betread, attired, bitrate, debrett, redbait, biretta, ebriate, ratbite, detrita, tribade, iterate, treated, deberia, debtera, terabit.

3 letter words made from batteried:

dia, tee, art, rbi, bra, ire, ret, tea, deb, tat, bed, air, bad, eta, aid, ate, tab, bid, bat, bee, die, tad, dat, era, bai, rat, eat, red, ira, bit, tit, tdt, rid, ter, arb, tai, tar, rib, reb, ted, dit, tri, dre, tia, rit, ear, tie, ida, are, dab, bet, bar, rad, tet, ade, ert.

6 letter words made from batteried:

arbeid, barite, tradie, tedier, irette, airbed, bateer, teater, reedit, tarbet, airted, beiter, beated, rebate, retied, beread, teared, deater, bittar, debatt, erdite, eteria, beader, ariete, ietter, aeried, bedirt, detter, berita, deiter, debate, daerie, birdee, tirate, iretta, beatte, tarted, dearie, beadie, batter, beteta, rabeei, etibar, tatbir, attire, battre, atride, rebait, bedear, ratite, ditter, erebia, etrade, tirade, erbate, aeride, betear, better, beared, arbeit, beitar, derate, detert, berate, traite, braide, bidart, dritte, redate, beater, retted, raited, bardie, betide, ideate, beride, ritted, bredie, tiered, battie, bedier, tiaret, dibert, rebite, breite, tetrad, terbia, radebe, bitter.

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