Correct spelling for BATTERRED

We think the word batterred is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for batterred

  • battered He nursed his battered lips and stared at her.
  • tattered The bee keeps to his hive, and the bewildered butterfly, in tattered ball-dress, wonders what has become of his flowery partners.
  • Bantered For example, I might give you a dose and you would tell me all that you know; I am told that your knowledge is fairly extensive," he bantered.
  • Bartered The temptation of riches changed my angel into a demon, a miserable woman bartered for gold!
  • Battened "See," and he pointed out to her how, by drawing a heavy stone which still lay close by over the aperture through which they had crept, the ascent of the wall could be made absolutely impossible to any enemy, since at its crest it was battened outwards, not inwards, as is usual in these ancient ruins.
  • Batterer
  • Bettered You were borne hither in your sleep, and see, the change has bettered you.
  • Buttered Then let your Currants be very well dryed before the fire, and put warm into your Cake; then mingle them well together with your hands; then get a tin hoop that will contain that quantity, and butter it well, and put it upon two sheets of paper well buttered; so pour in your Cake, and so set it into the oven, being quick that it may be well soaked, but not to burn.
  • Mattered What fun it all was, she thought, and how entirely new and delicious being taken care of as though she were a thing that mattered, a precious thing!
  • Pattered Without a thought of the cold air of the room, nor the warm flannel dressing gown, nor the knit bedroom socks, Bobby leaped out and pattered to the window.
  • batterers

187 words made from the letters batterred

4 letter words made from batterred:

3 letter words made from batterred:

tee, art, tet, tat, deb, ret, ade, bad, bee, arb, bet, dab, tar, tad, ted, eta, eat, tea, rat, are, ate, bar, reb, ert, ear, ter, tab, err, era, bat, dre, dat, bra, rad, tdt, bed, red.

5 letter words made from batterred:

brade, breer, ratte, erard, deeba, derer, berra, adeeb, barre, debre, teera, berre, darre, debet, detar, drear, reard, teatr, arete, rateb, eared, bated, beter, bedar, drere, beder, etter, adret, reder, bradt, betar, bared, ratee, treta, batte, breed, ardeb, eader, brate, trade, arbet, arbre, tabet, teter, detre, braer, tater, erber, beart, eater, beard, raree, tetra, dartt, tabdt, treed, tread, rtard, arber, rader, treet, arere, reate, bread, traer, rared, arede, bertr, ardee, beret, atete, tebet, treat, berat, deter, bettr, adree, debar, raber, berar, trate, teaed, tarte, deber, beted, teare, beare, bredt, barer, berea, reber.

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