Correct spelling for BAUGHT

We think the word baught is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for baught

  • aught "If you should hear or find aught," said the policeman, "come to me, you know."
  • baht Give me a 500 baht gift afterwards if you want.
  • bait There is no bait which has more alluring attractions than the idea of possessing illimitable power over the minds of our fellow men; yet Don Luis was not caught by it.
  • bart Captain Robert Rolph looked a little chagrined at the suggestion respecting pigs; but he concealed his annoyance and walked briskly on beside his companion, Sir John Day, Bart of Brackley Hall, Surrey, a grey, florid, stoutly-built gentleman, whose aspect betokened much of his time being spent in the open air.
  • bat Now the warehouse stood dry-rotting and unkempt, its spaces regularly tenanted only by the owl and bat.
  • baud He sent an old Baud to interceed, And to perswade her to come back; That he might have one of her delicate breed, And he would give her a ha'p'uth of Sack: Therefore prithee now come to me, Or else poor I shall be undone: Then do not forgo me, But prithee come to me, Without Hood or Scarff, tho' rough, &c.
  • beaut "Go on! Keep running! That's a beaut! Take another! Make it a homer!" yelled the crowd, which was on its feet shouting like mad, waving hats, hands, handkerchiefs and college colors.
  • bight "Aye," assented old Humphreys, "there isn't one of 'em but what is the two ends and bight of a-scoundrel; and that supercargo with the yaller moustache and womany hands is the worst of the lot.
  • blight It may be almost doubted if there is any such thing as unmitigated evil; the brief though serious blight of the coffee plant in Ceylon has proved to be a blessing in disguise.
  • bough Half an hour later Arnold Evans announced that all those wishing to attend the pantomime, "The Mistletoe Bough," could obtain front seats in the hall.
  • bout A clear strong voice had broken joyously into song, and the words it sang were French: "C'est le Hasard, Qui, tot ou tard, Ici bas nous seconde; Car, D'un bout du monde A l'autre bout, Le Hasard seul fait tout."
  • bright Many of the dark lines had a thin bright line superposed in the middle, while on the other hand many of the bright lines had two or three points maxima of brightness.
  • burt Sesar Karvall, who had never recovered from his wounds, had died; Lady Lavina had turned the barony and the business over to her brother, Burt Sandrasan, and gone to live on Excalibur.
  • but But Ashton-Kirk shook his head.
  • haughty "The Tavoras are of a haughty and revengeful disposition, and it would be well to guard against them.
  • naught Meanwhile the valorous Sir Ballantyne saweth wood but sayeth naught.
  • ought Brighton ought to be fair and beautiful on such a morning as this; perhaps by-and-by she might come to have a glimpse of the pale yellow terraces of the distant town.
  • taught Another thing taught us by the Prayer Book's history is the duty of being forever on our guard in the religious life against "the falsehood of extremes."
  • Bought 17,039. Have you ever bought shawls or veils in Edinburgh?
  • Brought And her nurse catched it some way, and brought it to her, and what do you think?
  • Caught He caught sight of the face of Miss Carvel within, and stopped abruptly.
  • naughty "He's sure to give me sixpence if I worrit him long enough," thought the naughty little girl.

60 words made from the letters baught

4 letter words made from baught:

gaub, ghat, baht, tahu, bugh, gath, haub, bhau, baug, guba, huat, huta, guth, bath, tagh, tuah, tabu, tuba, thua, utah, guta, bahu, buah, tugh, bahg, buha, taub, bagh, thug, gthu, gaut, haug, abut.

3 letter words made from baught:

uta, gat, hug, thb, tub, bat, gab, hat, hut, tab, aug, hag, bag, bug, tug, but, tag, gut, hub, tau.

5 letter words made from baught:

bahut, baugh, aught, bugha, gubat, bhuta, tugba.

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