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How to spell BAUGT correctly?

If you meant to type "baught" but accidentally wrote "baugt", here are some correct suggestions. The correct spelling might be "bought", which is the past tense of "buy". Alternatively, it could be "baugle", which is a rare term for a ceremonial staff used by certain religious orders. Double-check the context to ensure the right option.

List of suggestions on how to spell baugt correctly

  • badge The police officer pinned the badge onto his uniform.
  • bag
  • baggy Her sweatpants were so baggy, they kept falling off her waist.
  • bags
  • baht Can I get a baht for your water?
  • bait I'll catch the fish with a little bait.
  • barge The barge was loaded with cargo and ready to set sail down the river.
  • bart
  • bast
  • bat
  • baud
  • beaut
  • bluet
  • blurt
  • Bought I bought some groceries from the store today.
  • bout I had a bout of anxiety before giving my presentation.
  • bruit The rumor started to bruit around the office, causing concern among the employees.
  • brut
  • bug I need to fix the bug in my computer program to ensure it runs smoothly.
  • bugs
  • bunt The baseball player tried to bunt the ball, but he missed it.
  • burt
  • bust Imbued with a sense of freedom and rebellion, Bust embraced her new persona.
  • but I tried to eat the doughnuts, but they were so good I couldn't resist.
  • Caught We were surprised to find out that he had been caught stealing from the office.

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