Correct spelling for BBAL

We think the word bbal is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bbal

  • abel "Lake- Abel," said the windmiller.
  • al If I have you cast into a well and take twenty of the fairest daughters of Al Shaldomir in your place, who can gainsay me?
  • ba Billy, the ba-lamb, was a cheerful fellow, and all the children were fond of him; wherefore Mrs. Two-Shoes made it a rule that those who behaved best should have Will home with them at night, to carry their satchel on his back, and bring it in the morning.
  • baa Say, Jude, ain't you afraid that baa-baa you're riding will buck with you?
  • baal Pools of stone, lined with porphyry, and marble cisterns and cool fountains did the king build, commanding the water to be conveyed from mountain springs that plunged down into the Kidron's torrent; while around the palace he planted gardens and groves, and cultivated a vineyard in Baal-hamon.
  • baas The Baas Clifford wants to speak with you, Baas Jacob.
  • babe She approached Wallace: "You are come, my deliverer, to speak comfort to the mother of this poor babe.
  • babel But directly afterwards babel would break out, to be sternly quelled by the heavy-jowled man.
  • baby "You ought to have a little baby of your own, Anne," she said.
  • bad "Do you feel bad?
  • bag "Now you must take some of your own clothes in a bag.
  • bail If he cannot furnish bail, he is committed to jail or left in charge of the officer.
  • bald It is also from a shop sign, and perhaps most frequently of all is for bald.
  • bale Who shall depict its bliss and bale?
  • bali Almost immediately after it commenced operations in Europe, the 322d became involved in a major airlift of French troops (Project Bali Hai) from bases in France to Indochina.
  • balk To enter the Priory more easily and then, if their attempt failed, to balk enquiry.
  • ball It is useless to describe a ball of this kind.
  • balm The love of my country, and the thought of finding there those affections of which I stood so much in need, was a soft balm, which lulled for a while the sufferings that were constantly vibrating in the bottom of my heart.
  • ban First, from the persecution begun under Nero in the year 64, to the edicts of Constantine in 311-313, the Christian Church lay under the ban of the Empire as an illicit religion.
  • banal It is a pity Creil is so banal on close acquaintance, for it is bejewelled with emerald hills and a tiny belt of silvery water which, in the savage days of long ago, must have given it preeminence among similar spots in the neighbourhood.
  • bap BAP Antofagasta (SS-32), one of two Type 209/1200 submarines ordered by the Peruvian Navy on August 12, 1976
  • bar She took it, mounted and stepped over, then sat down unexpectedly on the top bar with the hand in hers.
  • basal Young polypides are formed inside the buds and a single zooecium sprouts out of each, as a rule by the growth of one of the basal projections, when conditions are favourable.
  • bat Well, good luck, sir," and Barry rode off to join his column with a deep admiration in his heart for the English school boy who, when war began, was probably a fifth form lad, in whose life the most dangerous episode would be a ball taken full off bat at point, or a low tackle on the Rugby field.
  • bawl A Yankee of Yankees, this, born on a New Hampshire farm, and to the ordinary traveller on the Wigmore branch of the railroad just a good-natured, round-faced, tobacco-chewing brakeman who would take a seat beside ladies of his acquaintance aid make himself agreeable until it was time to rise and bawl out, in the approved manner of his profession, the name of the next station.
  • bay In the vicinity of the town are several beautiful valleys, which run into the mountains from the plain that borders the bay.
  • bb No. 9 hook, or BB.
  • bbs Typically BBs are used for indoor practice, casual outdoor plinking, training children, or for air gun enthusiasts who like to practice, but cannot afford high-powered air gun systems that use pellets.
  • bead Then he poured the sparkling liquid into mugs for the thirsty teamsters to drink; and while he was still holding the pitcher high in air, that the cider might come down with a good "bead," the door slowly opened, and in glided Willy, in his yellow flannel night-dress.
  • beak His talk of women still suggested the hawk with the downy feathers of the last little plucked bird sticking to his beak; but his appreciation of Janet and some kindness for me made him a vehement opponent of her resolve.
  • beam "Open up with the starboard tube, full power, concentrated beam, at any spot halfway between here and the river.
  • bean So he took a palmful or two of bean soup.
  • bear Did you ever stop to think what your grandmother has had to bear?"
  • beat That don't beat us a little bit.
  • beau Beau broke into a laugh, mellow, musical, and hearty.
  • bell The pretty hand dropped from the bell-handle.
  • bias Bias supported her, for she had risen to her full height, and he felt how she tottered and trembled.
  • bill Hullo, Bill, any sign of Jim?
  • blab
  • blah
  • blat
  • boa
  • boar
  • boat
  • boil
  • bola
  • boll
  • bowl
  • bra
  • brawl
  • bray
  • bull
  • burl
  • cabal
  • coal
  • deal
  • dial
  • gal
  • pal
  • tubal
  • veal
  • vial
  • Bah He cannot make you wince and pine, and be cold and be hot, and- Bah!
  • Boas
  • Brae
  • Cal
  • Neal
  • Sal
  • bbl M. Kent, 1 Bbl., for Kittrell, N. C. Quincy, Mass.
  • Hal
  • Jubal
  • Val
  • Bela Bela bit her lips to keep the laughter in.
  • BIA Bia. Leave sacrifice to fools and women!
  • BL
  • BSA
  • BBB The picture sleeve, designed by BBB Design, features a black background with a ballerina figure (Amanda Lord) at the bottom right corner.
  • BBC Comedian Frank Skinner wanted to add this bus route to BBC Radio 5 Room 101 (radio series) when he appeared on the shows 27 August 1993 edition.
  • BBQ Lexington calls itself "The Barbecue Capital of the World"; it has more than one BBQ restaurant per 1,000 residents.
  • DBL
  • BIOL

5 words made from the letters bbal

3 letter words made from bbal:

lab, bbl, alb.

4 letter words made from bbal:

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