What is the correct spelling for BEAKDOWN?

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Correct spelling for BEAKDOWN

We think the word beakdown is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for beakdown

  • bacon When I'm at home I buy my bacon at Frinton.
  • baton A man's weapons and shield were buried with him and a woman's spindle and weaving baton, and perhaps beads or pottery with her.
  • beacon "Well, I say," answered Shirley, "if you have any passengers to put ashore here, put them ashore, and then let's go after the Dunkery Beacon and deliver the message.
  • beading To his surprise and satisfaction, however, Sir Humphrey lay back sleeping heavily, with a soft dew beading his face, and evidently perfectly free from suffering.
  • beaked In the procession a few of the mailed horsemen, and ten of the scythe-bearing chariots moved along, with sixty of the king's friends and generals, and a hundred and ten brazen-beaked ships of war also were carried in the procession, and a gold statue of Mithridates six feet high, and a shield ornamented with precious stones, and twenty litters loaded with silver vessels, and two-and-thirty loaded with golden cups, armour, and money.
  • beaten Add the buttermilk, in which the soda is dissolved, and the eggs, well beaten.
  • beckon "Behold," said he, rising, "the nymphs of paradise beckon us from the banquet and the wine bowl to other pleasures."
  • bedouin They had finished their lunch and were sitting in the desert watching the "common or garden" day's idleness of the inhabitants of a Bedouin camp.
  • breakdown The greatest and most irretrievable wreck of friendship is the result of a moral breakdown in one of the associates.
  • keaton The Navigator - 1924 silent comedy film, directed by and starring Buster Keaton, filmed over a 10-week period in Avalon Bay on Catalina Island 1930s Island of Lost Souls - 1932; Charles Laughton, Bela Lugosi Rain - 1932 film Treasure Island - 1934 film Mutiny on the Bounty - 1935; Charles Laughton, Clark Gable Murder on a Honeymoon - 1935 film, starring Edna May Oliver as Hildegarde Withers, takes place on Catalina Island Pirate Party on Catalina Isle - 1935 short film; features a pirate-themed variety show set on the island Captain Blood - 1935 film Captain Calamity - 1936 Captains Courageous - 1937 film Youre Only Young Once - 1937; Andy Hardy family vacation movie, starring Mickey Rooney Isle of Destiny - 1939 1950s All Ashore - 1953 film; Mickey Rooney and Dick Haymes 1960s Much of the 1964 film Raiders from Beneath the Sea was set in and around Avalon.
  • shakedown Any sort of shakedown will do.
  • Barton If the lady's mind was even more preoccupied by the survivor in the hideous events of the evening than by the tragedy itself and the dead woman, Barton, too, found his thoughts straying to his new patient-not that he was a flirt or a sentimentalist.
  • Bearding By which the unhappy man meant to explain that he was only the son of a Turk by an Algerine mother, and that as such he could expect no mercy if he aided in bearding the Dey in his den; but the Colonel was inexorable, and poor Rais Ali was obliged to submit.
  • Betaken Now, that which caused me to come on pilgrimage was this; we had one Mr. Tell-true came into our parts, and he told it about what Christian had done, that went from the City of Destruction; namely, how he had forsaken his wife and children, and had betaken himself to a pilgrim's life.
  • Bordon Diplomatic representation in the US: chief of mission: Ambassador Jose Octavio BORDON chancery: 1600 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009 consulate(s) general: Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York FAX: [1] (202) 332-3171 telephone: [1] (202) 238-6400
  • Baden Here are Baden and Karl," replied Helen, thankful for the interruption.
  • markdown A description of The Basements markdown system from a 1982 New York Times article: ".
  • backdoor Moreover, the man slips out stealthily, through the backdoor; thence across the second courtyard, and along a narrow passage leading into the garden.

293 words made from the letters beakdown

4 letter words made from beakdown:

deak, boka, deka, kdwb, kwon, kond, koan, doek, dkbo, enka, ebow, beak, nowa, bowa, doba, beda, keno, bako, bane, bead, endo, keba, noke, dako, dane, bone, eoka, dake, bowk, boen, weka, owne, woan, awen, nako, oked, denk, kebo, beka, beon, wane, anew, bade, kwod, kaon, nawk, dkba, owen, aeon, nowe, bado, node, enad, deok, nkao, bonk, bank, kaew, bake, wnek, eoan, bawk, abed, ewok, deaw, odak, keda, dean, dano, beno, band, kwab, wonk, kaen, oben, oned, akon, webo, done, aden, know, down, kown, oena, bown, oken, dank, owed, wend, bean, donk, wade, wead, kean, bawd, anek, neko, bond, awed, bend, debo, aked, kado, wean, doke, wank, weak, daen, knob, kaeo, dawn, baek, beko, kwan, woad, ebon, neak, boek, nebo, anko, newk, wand, wake, bode, kone, doka, anow.

3 letter words made from beakdown:

end, keb, dak, oed, ade, dna, one, bod, nob, wbn, ken, abo, nbw, dew, web, owe, nab, ode, kob, eon, bed, oka, own, neb, deb, bad, bow, awe, wed, neo, don, wok, wen, boa, nad, nod, nbe, oak, now, ben, kea, new, dab, den, kwa, daw, doe, ane, wad, doa, ado, awn, wan, ban, woe, edo, won, ebn.

5 letter words made from beakdown:

anode, bando, woken, wando, knode, adobe, baned, wande, oaked, okabe, adone, boked, benda, naked, oaken, bonde, waken, ebano, denwa, edwan, keban, kendo, bedan, awoke, knead, adeno, bodek, kanbe, bowed, endow, ebdon, downa, denko, woden, knewb, benoa, okane, downe, bedok, banke, daken, knowe, keown, owned, baked, beano, badon, kwoba, beowa, konde, kando, kebon, knabe, wodan, kawed, abode, dabke, debow, bekan, awned, bokan, kabwe, kadow, bonda, wonka, dobek, dekan, kaneb, nowak, benko, obake, konda, bande, dawen, knawe, boned, odwan, donka, wendo, banko, boake, wanko, kande, nokwe, dowen, wanke, wanek, koban, dewon.

6 letter words made from beakdown:

bowned, bandow, knowed, beadon, debona, bonked, weakon, badonk, wanked, donabe, daewon, kanebo, kanode, bawden, ewbank, woaden, boaked.

7 letter words made from beakdown:

kondewa, bodaken.

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