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How to spell BEASIS correctly?

If you meant to write "beasis", there are several possible correct suggestions. The correct spelling might be "basis", referring to a foundation or starting point. Alternatively, it could be "bias", meaning a preference or inclination. "Beasis" could also be a typo for "beasts", which refers to animals.

List of suggestions on how to spell beasis correctly

  • Bases The bases of the statue were made of marble.
  • basic Learning basic life skills is important for becoming self-sufficient.
  • basics You should always keep your basics in check.
  • basil Basil is a herb often used in Italian cuisine.
  • basin The basin was full of runoff from earlier rain.
  • basins I need to clean the basins in the bathroom.
  • basis The basis of my argument is that they are both human.
  • basks
  • bass I am going to buy a bass.
  • beads She strung the colorful beads onto the necklace.
  • Beaks The parakeets' colorful beaks make them easy to spot in the jungle.
  • beams beams of sunlight streamed through the windows.
  • beanies During the winter season, I often wear beanies to keep my head and ears warm.
  • Beans I always eat beans with my rice.
  • Bears I'm claustrophobic, so I don't like going near bears.
  • beast The beast was alive and kicking.
  • beasts The beasts in the forest scared her.
  • beats The music is so loud that it beats against my eardrums.
  • Beaus The beaus standing beside the bridegroom were all impeccably dressed in tuxedos.
  • Bess
  • Bessie Bessie was a talented blues singer who influenced many musicians.
  • bests She regularly competes with the bests in the industry.
  • Biases I sometimes have biases against people who are different than me.
  • boasts He boasts about his achievements all the time.
  • brass She polished the brass doorknob until it shone.
  • eases Stretching eases tension in the muscles.
  • oasis A oasis is a place of great beauty, peace and tranquility.

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