What is the correct spelling for BEAUTICAN?

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Correct spelling for BEAUTICAN

We think the word beautican is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for beautican

  • bacon It is the century of Roger Bacon.
  • baiting This year in London the experiment was tried, but was hooted out of existence, to the great displeasure of the Spanish journals, who said the ferocious Islanders would doubtless greatly prefer baiting to death a half dozen Irish serfs from the estate of Lord Fritters,-a gentle diversion in which we are led to believe the British peers pass their leisure hours.
  • bataan To starboard, close aboard beyond the stretch of sun-dazzled sea, was the coast of Bataan, with the brown fuzzy mountains behind Mariveles shouldering into the sky. Point Luzon marked the limit of the land over the starboard bow, and on the port side the shining China Sea reached away to the horizon.
  • batik From waist to ankle they were tightly wrapped in kains of brilliant batik, which defined, without revealing, every line and contour of their hips and lower limbs, but from the waist up they were entirely nude, barring the flame-colored flowers in their dusky hair.
  • batman Their gratitude and admiration took forms that proved poor Harry's undoing, and besides some of them took an unholy joy in sending the chaplain's batman to his officer incapable of service.
  • baton There was also an afternoon concert by 3,000 children under the baton of Prof.
  • batting It moves the pug-mill, the jollies, and the marvellous batting machines, dries the unfired clay, heats the printers' stoves, and warms the offices where the 'jacket-men' dwell.
  • beacon Now that I know how absolutely essential it is that the Dunkery Beacon should be overtaken, I would not for a moment even consider the surrender of my position upon this vessel, which I assure you, madam, I consider as an honor!
  • beading But when he had kissed his mother, and dried her tears, and had bade saddle the horses,-and his half-brothers, Kent and Sir John Holland, were fidgeting, pale, for that he would have them ride with him,-suddenly came into the hall Simon Sudbury, with yellow sweat beading on his brow.
  • beaten But at last he was hopelessly beaten in battle, and still more hopelessly outpointed in the game of politics.
  • beating His heart was beating strangely fast, his hands shook in spite of himself.
  • beatnik But they went down to the beatnik place.
  • beautician Produced by Dreschers company High School Sweethearts in partnership with Paramount Pictures, The Beautician and the Beast is her first starring role in a film, and part of her attempt to transition from television to film.
  • bedouin Are thy relations with thy driver, I wonder, those of the Bedouin and his steed?
  • beguine Murk-Jansen, Saskia, Brides in de Desert: The Spirituality of the Beguine, Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 1998 Neel, Carol, The Origins of the Beguines, Signs, 1989.
  • belgian At luncheon, R. asked me what I would like to do, and I suggested a visit to the Belgian inundations.
  • betoken A low forehead, if the points of the brow are good, should have the hair drawn off it, whereas a high forehead which does not betoken any great intellectual power is disfigured by the same process.
  • betting Ralph Percival looked down at her with his handsome, quizzical eyes- "I don't mind betting that you'll never be a school marm!"
  • boating "The chops are coming," said Edward, who had thrown on a boating-coat and plunged into a book, and spoke echoing.
  • boatman " Boatman," replied the other.
  • butane The blowtorch is referred to in industry and trade as per the fuel consumed by the tool: Gas: propane gas, see propane torch MAPP gas butane gas, see butane torch liquid petroleum gas (LPG) with ambient atmospheric air via a replaceable LPG cylinder.
  • vatican I don't believe that there is a room in the U.S. or the hull surroundin' world so grand and magnificent as the Great Hall of the Vatican Library.
  • Bating Bating the article of inquisitiveness, they are as polite as courtiers.
  • Betaken Such is the force of example, that it no sooner became known that Bottgher had betaken himself to this vice, than the greater number of the workmen at the Meissen factory became drunkards too.
  • Betaking Some of the men were now enabled to remain on the rock all day, working at the lighthouse when the tide was low, and betaking themselves to the beacon when it rose, and leaving it at night; for there was much to do before this beacon could be made the habitable abode which it finally became; but it required the strictest attention to the state of the weather, in case of their being overtaken with a gale, which might prevent the possibility of their being taken off the rock.

390 words made from the letters beautican

3 letter words made from beautican:

cat, cue, tec, ant, nab, neb, bat, cia, tab, tai, icu, ban, uta, tiu, nut, bit, nbe, ent, can, anu, ani, bun, but, tia, uca, tie, ebn, tun, aec, iaa, eta, tic, bet, ain, cub, tau, ice, net, abc, nib, tub, ect, ace, tan, ane, utc, nub, bin, aba, ate, tin, cab, ten, eat, cut, tea, etc, baa, ute, bai, act, ana, nit, uni, ben, nec.

5 letter words made from beautican:

buice, becut, entia, butea, taean, taban, benti, tunic, ceiba, bantu, cuaba, atune, acuna, acute, abanc, bacai, tenia, canai, batin, enact, autin, benta, bauen, cinae, incut, utina, etian, tibau, actia, uinta, incae, cubin, tabun, biana, teian, autie, tabac, baute, batac, tacna, biten, bunte, cubit, unite, tinca, intuc, taiba, caban, binta, ciena, baena, batie, bacne, beaut, butan, einat, binte, aecia, butin, antic, canta, centu, cante, cantu, untie, bitan, baiae, tanui, banti, butai, tabic, batei, abita, buana, cauet, eatin, cabin, taieb, nubia, cunei, tuaca, utian, abani, abati, tubac, bacau, baine, nebit, tubae, cient, tuina, tinue, taani, banca, ibata, tinea, atina, tanec, ceuta, nabua, tuban, tiaan, canet, abune, utena, taibu, ntaba, centi, nabat, bunce, tabua, bania, bance, actin, cania, iateu, cuban, autan, becan, ncube, actua, etica, caabi, tabae, baita, tueni, taian, cinta, banie, uniat, utica, baten, canut, binet, abian, ebata, tincu, abate, cutan, ebina, nauti, taibe, iancu, bauan, antai.

6 letter words made from beautican:

cabine, cateau, batian, incuba, abatic, binate, tabaci, baetic, enatic, tucana, catena, abante, cubane, binaca, tunica, tacuba, cetana, incata, cebuan, cainta, antica, necati, taenia, cuenta, beatin, aintab, banate, actine, uabain, cuiaba, butana, unibet, uncate, bacani, cetina, encata, citeab, inbeat, eucain, auntie, canute, cutaia, banaue, bentiu, centai, batuan, bucina, actian, tanabe, binuca, abient, acuate, taniec, anicet, uniate, cabane, unitab, butane.

4 letter words made from beautican:

bunt, nuta, baun, anti, bint, enic, beta, tean, etui, taib, tine, buin, nabu, tuna, cuit, tabi, tune, iaea, utne, cunt, ubnt, utca, auca, ubac, bant, cuti, beat, nicu, aunt, tecn, ncub, cane, bate, tuba, uate, bane, binu, etau, ante, tieu, etna, teba, tian, tibe, caiu, cant, nice, unit, tuen, tuin, unti, cnut, cite, baic, bnei, taub, abut, tnbc, nebt, bien, taei, buna, cube, nuit, ubin, bata, uict, bean, bine, bune, tabu, cain, baia, buen, nube, taue, taia, cebu, tuni, atun, inca, auna, unie, cute, bnai, bent, tunb, baue, acne, iten, biau, taua, beau, ainu, bait, buea, utan, neat, tube, inec, bein, cuan, nute, beit, beci, abet, cent, cuba, bite.

7 letter words made from beautican:

betania, cuneata, tunicae, tucanae, nautica, betunia, ucinate, cabinet, caetani, baetica, bicutan, cutanea.

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