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How to spell BECKEN correctly?

If you meant to type "becken" but misspelled it, here are some possible corrections. It could be the word "beacon", referring to a guiding light or signal. Another option is "beckon", which means to gesture or call someone. Lastly, it could be "becker", which is a common surname.

List of suggestions on how to spell becken correctly

  • backed The company was backed by several investors who believed in their innovation.
  • backer The politician was grateful for the support of his wealthy backer during the campaign.
  • beaked The beaked ibis has a long beak which is useful for eating fruit and seeds.
  • beaker The scientist poured the solution from the beaker into the test tube.
  • beaten He was beaten unconscious.
  • beck beck walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.
  • Becker The Becker family is hosting a charity event at their home next week.
  • becket Thomas Becket was a close friend of King Henry II before he was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.
  • beckett The novel is full of references to Samuel Beckett.
  • beckon Please direct all inquiries to the front desk. They will be happy to beckon you to their desk.
  • beckons The smell of freshly baked bread is so alluring that it beckons customers into the bakery.
  • Becks Becks is a nickname for the beer brand Beck's.
  • Becky Becky is studying for her finals.
  • Been
  • bergen
  • Betaken
  • betoken
  • bicker The siblings continued to bicker over who got to use the computer first.
  • blacken
  • bracken The bracken was starting to grow higher than I wanted it to.
  • broken After the storm, the tree was broken.
  • bucked He bucked the fence and ran away.
  • bucket
  • reckon I reckon the Easter Bunny brought us some eggs.
  • sicken The smell of the rotting fish made me sicken.
  • weaken The ongoing illness has started to weaken his immune system.

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