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How to spell BECOS correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "becos" instead of "because", don't worry, I've got you covered! Here are some correct suggestions: "because", "cos" or "cause". It's essential to use proper spelling to maintain clarity in your writing, so remember to double-check your work to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell becos correctly

  • Backs The backs of the chairs were worn from years of use.
  • beacon
  • beacons The beacons on top of the lighthouse guided the ships safely to land.
  • Beaks The ducks used their beaks to search for food in the pond.
  • Bears
  • Beaus My sister received many flowers from her beaus on Valentine's Day.
  • beck
  • beckon The sound of the dinner bell will beckon us to come inside and eat.
  • beckons The sound of the waves and the cool breeze beckons me to the shore.
  • Becks
  • Becky
  • become
  • becomes A child becomes a young adult.
  • Beds I need to change the sheets on the beds before the guests arrive.
  • Beers I am going to the bar to drink some beers with my friends tonight.
  • Bees Bees are essential for pollination in agriculture and the environment.
  • befogs This fog is causing befogs on my lens.
  • begs The little boy begs his mom for an ice cream cone.
  • Bess Bess is my neighbor's dog.
  • Bets She placed her bets on the horse with the fastest speed.
  • BIOS Your BIOS is outdated, please update it.
  • BOOS After the referee made a controversial call, the crowd erupted in loud boos.
  • BROS My bros and I went on a camping trip last weekend.
  • bucks I saw a deer with a magnificent set of antlers with a clear dominance of bucks in the herd.
  • cos I didn't see my project partner for several days, cos he had a family emergency.
  • decors She changed the decors of her apartment every season.
  • decoys The animals were used as decoys to lure the predator away from the herd.
  • DECS
  • ECUS The ECUS collect data from various sensors and adjust the engine's settings accordingly.
  • Egos The two actors had huge egos that resulted in constant bickering on set.
  • pecos
  • pecs He flexed his pecs to impress the girl in the gym.
  • SECS

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