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How to spell BECUS correctly?

If you often misspell "becus", worry not! The correct spelling is "because". Keep an eye out for the "a" and "e" to make sure they are in the right order. Some useful tips to avoid this mistake are to sound out the word or remember the phrase "big elephants cause unforgettable scenes."

List of suggestions on how to spell becus correctly

  • abacus She used an abacus to calculate the sum of two large numbers.
  • Backs The football team's backs were sore after carrying the ball multiple times during the game.
  • Beaks The bird had beaks for eating meat.
  • Beaus The beaus gathered at the country club for a game of golf.
  • Because Because she worked hard in school, her friends invited her to a party.
  • beck My sister has a beck.
  • Becks I have a beer called Becks.
  • Bees The beekeeper kept a hive of bees.
  • begs She begs for the cat to come back.
  • BERKS I love BERKS beer!
  • Bess Since Bess inherited her grandmother's love of the arts, she became an accomplished artist in her own right.
  • bogus The email promising a free vacation was clearly bogus, as it asked for personal information and had spelling errors.
  • bucks
  • bus I missed the bus this morning and I had to walk to work.
  • ECUS ECUs play an important role in controlling the engine performance of modern automobiles.

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