Correct spelling for BEDELIA

We think the word bedelia is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bedelia

  • badly He was wounded badly, and unable to proceed farther.
  • beadle Yeruchem sent to call him before the rabbi, and he sent the beadle flying out of the house.
  • bede The term "Bidding" is from the old Saxon word " Bede," meaning prayer.
  • bedeck Such heroism in a young girl strongly appealed to the imagination of our French and Belgian Allies, and two rows of medals bedeck her khaki jacket.
  • bedevil "A glorious mission," mocked the aunt, her patience utterly exhausted,-"a glorious mission to bedevil and deceive, to plague and torment! Away, away, and darken my doors no more!"
  • bedim dull, v. blunt, rebate, benumb, obtund, stupefy, deaden, hebetate; sully, tarnish, obscure, dim, bedim; depress, sadden, dishearten; assuage, alleviate, moderate, allay.
  • bedlam On account of this fragmentary skeleton, few of the younger girls ever dared to enter Bedlam, and some of them would run past the door with face averted, and beating heart, fearing lest the door should be open and they should catch a glimpse of the gruesome thing.
  • beetle On his right, a quite old man, bald and beetle-browed.
  • belie "Yes," he said, "it certainly is very fortunate that I have fought my way as I have done"; he emphasised the last few words and went on, "When I think what awful years those have been, how often I have been compelled to belie my character, how often my principles have been endangered ...
  • betel Every variety of battek, basket-work, mats, and quaint silver or brass ware, is brought by native peddlers to the broad verandahs of the hotel, the patient and gentle people content to spend long hours on the marble steps, dozing between their scanty bargains, or crimsoning their months with the stimulating morsel of betel-nut, said to allay the hunger, thirst, and exhaustion of the steaming tropics.
  • bevel Bevel 21 The principles governing the formation of the teeth of bevel- wheels 22 Demonstration that the faces of the wheels must be in line with the point of intersection of the axis of the two shafts 22 Gear Teeth.
  • bezel Mrs. Bezel burst into a wild laugh, and clapped her hands together.
  • bodily If you stand on an eminence in a great plain and think of the unseen country that lies beyond the horizon, trying to visualise it and imagine that you see it, the eye of imagination can only see the continuance or projection of what is seen by the bodily sight.
  • bordello Next on this bank was sometime the Bordello, or Stewes, a place so called of certain stew-houses privileged there, for the repair of incontinent men to the like women; of the which privilege I have read thus:
  • deli Some of the carriages were not badly turned out, but we only saw one man riding (ladies never ride in Batavia), his nether-man encased in long jack-boots, and wearing a sombrero hat, and green hunting-coat! The effect of this get-up was somewhat marred by his mount-a Deli pony so small that it took the rider all his time to keep his feet from dragging along the ground.
  • Befell What befell him on the homeward journey, Princess Yvonne never knew, but she saw him no more.
  • bodega I confess that, happy as I have been in this country, there are times when I miss those wonderful London days, when a sort of cosy brown mist hangs over the streets and the pavements ooze with a perspiration of mud and water, and you see through the haze the yellow glow of the Bodega lamps shining in the distance like harbour-lights.
  • Adela "You see, Georgie has been so awfully kind to me this morning," Lady Adela continued.
  • Bella Well, he's made a fortune out of an army contract; and he's going to marry-the engagement came out just before I left- Bella Stearns."
  • Cordelia Miss Cordelia had thought of converting her field into a playground for the factory children and asking detachments of them over on Saturday afternoon.
  • Delia This I read and re-read until I grew sick of bright Roxana tripping o'er the green, or of gentle Delia when a tear bedews her eye to think yon playful kid must die.
  • Della More's expression of theory was elicited by Tyndale's translation of the Bible; of the technical difficulties involved in his own translation of The Life of Pico della Mirandola he says nothing.
  • Bela About the end of March, 1919, Bela Kun, the Foreign Minister of the newly established Communist Government of Hungary and one of the most active propagandists of Russian Bolshevism, arrived at Munich to confer with the leaders of the Bavarian Government.
  • disjointednesses

152 words made from the letters bedelia

5 letter words made from bedelia:

bedil, badel, abeel, abedi, aldie, ebadi, lebed, bilde, eleia, balde, bilad, belda, abele, diele, abdil, ideal, liebe, ebied, albee, beedi, debia, badie, alide, beile, balie, labid, deeba, lebid, dabie, eliad, beled, delai, adeli, bedie, ebeid, adeeb, dalei, elide, badli, edibl, daele, libda, blade, abled, biela, biled, baile, lebda, eliab, laide, abide, belie, bleed, edale, bleda, bedia, beida, adbel, dabei, ailbe, bieda, baldi, abeid.

4 letter words made from bedelia:

blae, bald, dial, abel, daie, dlee, elbe, bida, lied, dabi, ebel, daei, bali, lebe, bael, bede, deli, aide, dail, eade, bead, eile, able, dali, alee, lead, bide, beed, bail, idea, elea, biel, badi, bele, abed, leda, laie, idle, blei, lieb, deal, debe, eble, bade, laib, ilbe, beda, elei, deeb, leeb, elia, beel, ebed, laid, bale, dale, bile, liad, lade, ible.

3 letter words made from bedelia:

bel, bad, dal, dle, eld, lie, lab, alb, dab, ale, bee, lid, eel, lea, die, lad, ail, lei, lee, dia, ali, deb, ida, bed, ade, bai, bid, aid, led.

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