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How to spell BEENING correctly?

The correct word for "beening" might be "being", which is the present participle of the verb "be". Other possible suggestions include "been" (past participle of "be"), "beginning" (starting point) or "bending" (curving or bowing). It would be helpful to have more context to determine the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell beening correctly

  • banning The state government is considering banning single-use plastic items to reduce environmental pollution.
  • beefing I was beefing about getting a raise.
  • beeping I hate the beeping sound of my alarm clock in the morning, it's too loud!
  • being
  • bending She was in pain from all the bending and twisting she had done while gardening.
  • benin The president of Benin is to be elected this year.
  • bernini Mario Bernini was a great sculptor.
  • Binning I am binning all the outdated files to free up space on my computer.
  • BOEING Nancy loves flying on Boeing jets.
  • Boning I'm going to have a boning tonight.
  • burning The burning feeling in my chest made me wonder if I should see a doctor.
  • keening As the mourners cried, a low keening sound echoed through the church.
  • weening He's weening himself from his bad habit of smoking.

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