Correct spelling for BEGIANING

We think the word begianing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for begianing

  • bargaining It was a peculiarly bitter trial to the Brooks, for the herd and flock just referred to had been acquired, after much bargaining, from a Dutch farmer only a few days before, and Edwin Brook was rather proud of his acquisition, seeing that few if any of the settlers had at that time become possessors of live stock to any great extent.
  • beginning You are at the beginning."
  • beijing aim - to promote the Olympic ideals and administer the Olympic games: 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy; 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China; 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada
  • feigning After beginning life by feigning indifference to the homage that deeply flatters them, they often end by lying to themselves.
  • regaining He seemed to reconcile himself to this fate, and behaved modestly for a considerable time: he was still flattering himself with the hope of regaining his sovereign's favour, when a monopoly was withdrawn from him which formed the chief part of his income.
  • reigning The bust of the reigning king is in his hall; possibly he keeps the late royal, imperial, and quasi-royal busts in some cupboard,-a sort of little Pere-Lachaise all ready for revolutions.
  • Beckoning As these quarters of the wind comprehend a considerable stretch of possible weather, the consequence is that the visitor approaching the house in the usual manner is on eight days out of ten disturbed by the apparition of Peggotty at the little look-out window, violently, and to the stranger, mysteriously, beckoning him away to the northward, apparently in the direction of the lighthouse.
  • Begging In summer, so long as the nobleman allowed it, she gathered berries in the forest; a sickly woman, she does a little bit of begging besides.
  • Beggaring But if we look round upon mankind, whom shall we find among those that fortune permits to form their own manners, that is not tormenting himself with a wish for something, of which all the pleasure and all the benefit will cease at the moment of attainment? One man is beggaring his posterity to build a house, which when finished he never will inhabit; another is levelling mountains to open a prospect, which, when he has once enjoyed it, he can enjoy it no more; another is painting ceilings, carving wainscot, and filling his apartments with costly furniture, only that some neighbouring house may not be richer or finer than his own.
  • Bemoaning Those who were left spoke only of the time when they, too, could go and they were bemoaning their misfortune in being young.
  • Binning He spoke in a wheedling, kindly voice, for he and Mother Binning were good friends.
  • Braining These captives had been taken by the Kiowas near Fort Lyon the previous summer, and kept close prisoners until the stampede began, the poor woman being reserved to gratify the brutal lust of the chief, Satanta; then, however, Indian vengeance demanded the murder of the poor creatures, and after braining the little child against a tree, the mother was shot through the forehead, the weapon, which no doubt brought her welcome release, having been fired so close that the powder had horribly disfigured her face.
  • Deigning Suddenly Mirambo ordered his men to advance upon them in a body, and at the sight of the precipitate rush upon their party, Khamis's slaves incontinently took to their heels, never even deigning to cast a glance behind them, leaving their master to the fate which was now overtaking him.
  • Gaining She had neither the promise of this world, nor of the next, and was losing earth without gaining heaven.
  • Ginning After ginning, a certain proportion of the seed is reserved for the agricultural requirements of the following year, and the remainder is sent to oil factories, where it is pressed, and yields about one-eighth of its capacity in measurement in oil, the refuse, after pressing, being used for manure.
  • beginnings 121 Bribery, parliamentary, its beginnings, vi.

157 words made from the letters begianing

3 letter words made from begianing:

neb, igg, ane, gen, nan, gig, ain, ebn, age, ige, ani, geb, nab, gin, gab, egg, bin, ben, gag, inn, nib, gib, nag, nne, nbe, nig, iga, bag, beg, bai, ban, big.

5 letter words made from begianing:

biega, bagie, bagge, bangi, begga, gagen, binga, nigga, ningi, bigge, gaini, gigen, binge, beinn, bigga, ianni, nabin, nagbe, bigae, niang, biagi, aging, gabin, engag, negin, bagni, angei, bigan, bange, eggan, einin, being, gangi, innie, biang, anini, banig, baine, genin, benni, anine, begin, ebina, ingen, binni, benna, neang, negai, gigan, einai, gabii, nagin, ginge, banie, bengi, naini, gigia, ganne, ainge, benga, benin, gagne, giang, ninib, naing, niane, banni, niani, ginga, angin, inane, genga.

4 letter words made from begianing:

gign, bean, eini, bang, nian, gean, geib, egna, gien, nein, gage, eang, agni, giba, binn, ibig, gibe, bnin, iing, beag, gagn, bini, bein, gain, ngae, egin, nebn, baig, ingi, beig, inga, inge, gega, gaen, nega, egba, nige, begg, bien, ibni, ning, bnai, nina, nigg, bigi, engi, gang, nine, bann, bane, bine, bnei, nagi.

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