How to spell BEIVIE correctly?

We think the word beivie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell beivie correctly

  • beanie She always wears her favorite beanie to keep her head warm during the winter.
  • beaver The beaver built a dam out of branches and mud to create a pond for its family.
  • bede
  • bee
  • beehive There are many bees buzzing around the beehive in the garden.
  • Beeves The rancher raised a herd of beeves to sell at the local market.
  • befit It would befit our company to support local charities in order to improve our community.
  • behave It is important for children to learn how to behave properly in social situations.
  • beige I chose beige for the living room walls because it's a neutral color that goes well with any decor.
  • belie I belie that story.
  • belief My belief in the power of positivity keeps me motivated.
  • believe
  • bennie I always think of Bennie when I think of New York.
  • Bernie Bernie is a common nickname for people named Bernard.
  • Bertie Bertie has a big nose.
  • Bessie She was the only daughter of Thomas and Bessie Beale.
  • Bettie Bettie is a lively and friendly dog.
  • bevel The bevel on the blade gives it an edge that is perfect for slicing.
  • Bevies At the party, there were bevies of drinks available for everyone to enjoy.
  • Bevvy A hot bevvy of tea will help settle my stomach.
  • bevy
  • bide He must bide his time and be patient.
  • biggie I'm not a fan of the biggie music genre.
  • bike
  • bile
  • Billie Billie Eilish is a singer-songwriter who has won multiple Grammy Awards.
  • birdie I saw a birdie in the yard.
  • bite I took a big bite out of the juicy apple.
  • bolivia I visited Bolivia last month.
  • bovine I'm lactose intolerant and don't eat dairy products, so I was very hesitant to try bovine, but
  • brave She is brave to try new things.
  • breve In musical notation, a breve represents a whole note.
  • brie I love brie, it's my favorite cheese.
  • devi Devi is a Sanskrit title for a goddess or a revered female deity.
  • dive As a certified scuba diver, I cannot wait to dive in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • EAVE The birds were perched on the eave of the house, chirping happily to each other.
  • eve My sister is coming over for dinner tonight; I'm excited to see her.
  • five
  • give
  • hive The honeybees were buzzing around the hive.
  • jive I don't know what that word means, but you might want to jive with it.
  • levi I would like to thank Levi for his help.
  • Levier
  • live Hello! Are you still alive?
  • Nevi I know a place where the Nevi can be seen.
  • review I must give my review of the new coffee maker.
  • rive The train took the riveting curves at high speeds.
  • we've
  • wive

Misspelling of the day


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  • alimenting
  • amending
  • amounting
  • augmenting
  • cementing
  • commenting
  • dominating
  • eliminating
  • emaciating