Correct spelling for BERUEAS

We think the word berueas is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for berueas

  • boreas The noise of the gusts is so loud that the Greek sculptor symbolized the tumult by placing a conch shell in the mouth of Boreas.
  • brass At the setting of the watch in the evening, it had been our practice on board the Vincennes to fire a small brass howitzer.
  • bruce Mr. St. Quintin, of Shoreditch, and my cousin, Dick Bruce, poet, novelist, and mother's help."
  • bureau What does a little girl like you want with a bureau?
  • Berries Those berries are over-ripe.
  • Bureaus The chiefs of bureaus in this department are army officers.
  • Bees The crowd swarmed and hummed like bees in a clover-field.
  • Breads 3. Breadstuffs: All kinds of breads, whether made of wheat, rye or corn, crackers, toasts, griddle cakes, etc.
  • breaks This silence of his, Louis Bonaparte sometimes breaks; but then he does not speak, he lies.
  • brews He said he was going to apply to his cousin, Andrew Brew, of Boston, going on to tell me more about the Brews than I had ever heard.
  • berets All, except for generals, wear badges on their hats or berets with either the land force badge or air force badge.
  • brutes They're only dumb brutes fit for working-so work 'em!"
  • bores For heavy game-shooting, I do not think there can be a much fairer standard for the charge of powder than one-fifth the weight of the ball for all bores.
  • bares But she aspires in her sky-scrapers; she dreams a garden dream of Georgian days in Gramercy Park; and on Riverside Drive she bares her exquisite breast and wantons in beauty.
  • brays On her return to England, she visited the Brays, and met Mr. Chapman, the editor of the Westminster Review, and Mr. Mackay, upon whose Progress of the Intellect she had just written a review.
  • bearers The two bearers took up their load again and dropped it out of sight in the bushes.
  • breeds This species, thus considered, breeds apparently twice a year from April to June, and again in October and even later.
  • buries The young fellow who sits near the door, abstractedly making figures in the wet track of the "schooners," buries something there with a sudden restless turn, and calls for another beer.
  • rues
  • BRAS Son of old Bras?
  • borers My trees are troubled with root aphis and roundhead borers.
  • breams Their chief fish are bonitos, snooks, cavallies, breams, and mullets; and they have abundance of sea-tortoises; and the island has many harbours, creeks, and rivers.
  • briers "Dese yer ole briers is des a-layin' out fur you," he muttered as he sat on the ground rubbing the variegated patch on his rheumatic knee.
  • byres There were barns and byres in the background, and it was hard to tell if Langrigg was a well-kept farm or a country house.
  • bereaves Exercise a power Which is our human nature's highest dower; Controls them, and subdues, transmutes, bereaves Of their bad influence, and their good receives;
  • Berbers The Arabs have given the Berbers a name of their own-Shillah, which means "Outcast," referring back to the days when they drove them out of the plains up into the mountains; and it has stuck to them ever since.
  • coolheadedness
  • coolheadednesses
  • smoothe
  • disenablements
  • dog-paddling
  • double-dealing
  • draggiest

152 words made from the letters berueas

5 letter words made from berueas:

buras, berea, bursa, baurs, urbas, besra, saber, berau, brusa, baser, sabre, reuse, bures, surae, sarbu, rabes, urase, brees, saree, breau, suare, raese, ureas, ursab, aures, braus, seare, seber, rseau, buser, ureae, barus, sabee, braes, suber, easer, erase, beras, beurs, reebs, beare, beres, busra, abuse, auber, bruse, rebus, besar, esera, subra, sabur, urabe, sauer, seaer, erbas, bares, ursae, suree, brasu, esber, abreu, ueber, rubes, serba.

3 letter words made from berueas:

era, are, sea, bra, ese, arb, bse, usa, sub, bee, bur, bar, ear, ras, see, bus, rub, sbe, res, use, rue, sur, esr, reb, sue.

4 letter words made from berueas:

ebru, beur, asur, arse, beer, saue, surb, raub, serb, buea, rase, esab, bare, saru, ares, sube, user, sebe, beau, ebur, rues, breu, beru, erse, bure, suea, ruse, sure, rube, sree, esau, sabu, baur, ebre, sear, baue, ruea, suar, brue, seer, rubs, urea, raus, base, rabu, raue, brus, sura, sere, suer, bars, eure, reub, sebu, reeb, ease, eeas, basu, ruba, bear, rabe, bura, auer.

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