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How to spell BESDE correctly?

If you made the common mistake of typing "besde" instead of "beside", fret not! Autocorrect can be finicky, but here are some alternative suggestions to help you navigate this misspelling. Similar options like "beside", "besidee" or "besides" can ensure your intended meaning is conveyed accurately to readers.

List of suggestions on how to spell besde correctly

  • bade She bade farewell to her friends before leaving for college.
  • base The soldiers established a base camp at the bottom of the mountain.
  • baste I need to baste the turkey with butter to keep it moist while it cooks.
  • bead
  • beads She strung the colorful beads onto the necklace with delicate precision.
  • bed I am going to go to my bed after finishing this work.
  • bedder I need help getting my bedder down.
  • bede
  • Beds I need to buy new beds for the guest room before my family visits next month.
  • bedside I always make it a point to come by my bedside to say hello once I wake up.
  • beset The small island was beset by a massive hurricane, causing widespread destruction and devastation.
  • Beside I like to sit beside the lake and watch the sunset.
  • besides Besides studying for exams, I also have to work part-time to pay for my tuition.
  • besot
  • Bess Bess won first place in the spelling bee competition.
  • Bessie My aunt Bessie lives in a small town near me.
  • best I think the best way to improve our company's productivity is to hire more employees.
  • bested Despite his best efforts, the defending champion was ultimately bested by the newcomer in the final round.
  • bide I'm going to bide my time until the coast is clear.
  • bode The dark clouds in the sky bode ill weather for the day.
  • bose
  • BSD The BSD operating system is known for its strong focus on security and reliability.
  • cede The newlyweds decided to cede all control over the property to each other.

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