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How to spell BESIE correctly?

If you meant to type "besie" but misspelled it, here are some correct suggestions. You may have intended to write "beside", meaning next to or in proximity to something. Alternatively, you might have meant "besee", which means to ask earnestly or urgently. Double-check your context to determine the appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell besie correctly

  • base She used a black eyeliner as a base for her eye makeup.
  • bee The bee flits from flower to flower, gathering nectar for the hive.
  • beige My beige pantsuit will completes the look.
  • belie
  • belies The calmness on her face belies the chaos in her mind.
  • belize
  • beseem It would not beseem a queen to behave so rudely in public.
  • beset The small village was beset by a swarm of locusts, and the crops were destroyed in a matter of days.
  • Beside The cat sat beside the fireplace to warm up.
  • besiege The army continued to besiege the enemy stronghold, determined to capture it at any cost.
  • Bess
  • bessel The bessel function is a mathematical function used in a wide range of applications, including signal processing and quantum mechanics.
  • Bessie Bessie is a sweet cat.
  • best This is the best chicken Caesar salad I've ever tasted.
  • bestir I must bestir myself if I want to finish this project on time.
  • Bevies I have a few Bevies, to drink with my food.
  • bose Out of all the headphones out there, Bose is definitely one of my favorites.
  • Busied She busied herself with tidying up the kitchen while waiting for the guests to arrive.
  • busies She busies herself with chores to distract from her anxiety.
  • ese
  • Essie I have the dark pink Essie nail polish.
  • obese I'm not obese, but I need to lose weight.

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