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How to spell BESTR correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "bestr", fret not, as there are several correct alternatives you can use. Consider "best" or "better" as appropriate replacements, based on the context. These substitutes will ensure your readers understand your intended meaning without confusion or erroneous interpretations.

List of suggestions on how to spell bestr correctly

  • bast
  • baster She used a baster to spread the gravy all over the turkey.
  • beast The first time I saw a lion in the wild, I was struck by how beautiful and powerful this majestic beast truly was.
  • beset The town was beset by a series of unfortunate events such as floods and power outages.
  • besot I was besot with thoughts of her lovely smile.
  • best She always gave her best effort in everything she did.
  • bestir I must bestir myself and get to work before it's too late.
  • bestirs She bestirs herself every morning to take a refreshing walk.
  • bestow The king decided to bestow a knighthood upon his loyal advisor for his long years of service.
  • bestrew She had the bestrew bedspread set up in her bedroom.
  • bests She always bests her opponents in every chess match.
  • bistro I'm going to have lunch at the bistro down the street.
  • bust The police officers conducted a bust, arresting several individuals involved in the drug operation.
  • buster He's a real crime buster, always catching the bad guys.

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