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How to spell BEVILE correctly?

If you meant to type "bevile" but it turned out to be a misspelling, you might have intended to write "believe". It's a common mistake as both words sound similar. So, double-check your spelling next time and ensure that you convey your intended message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell bevile correctly

  • beadle The beadle was responsible for maintaining order during the church service.
  • beagle My neighbor's beagle howls every morning at sunrise.
  • beetle The beetle scurried across the floor and disappeared under the couch.
  • beguile The salesman tried to beguile me with his smooth talk, but I saw through his tricks and didn't buy anything.
  • belie I find it difficult to belie that she is capable of such vicious behavior.
  • belle She was the belle of the ball, turning heads in her stunning gown.
  • Berle Milton Berle was a legendary comedian known for his quick wit and hilarious performances.
  • bevel The carpenter used a bevel to make precise cuts on the wood.
  • beveled The edge of the picture frame was beveled giving it a more polished look.
  • bevels The process of creating bevels on the edges of the glass involves grinding and polishing.
  • Bevies Bevies are a type of alcoholic drink.
  • bile The bile produced by the liver is essential for the digestion of fats.
  • bovine The farmer raised a bovine herd for their milk and meat production.
  • defile I will never defile this temple with my presence.
  • evil There is evil in the world and I'm going to find it.
  • revile It is not appropriate to revile others because of their beliefs or opinions.
  • Reviler He was a reviler of God and man.
  • servile The servant acted in a servile manner towards his master, always doing his bidding without question.
  • seville The city of Seville is known for its wonderful architecture.

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