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How to spell BEVILLS correctly?

If you meant to say "bevels", this refers to the angle cut into an object's edge. If you were trying to spell "bivouacs", which are temporary shelters typically used by military forces, that might be what you are looking for. Other words that are similar in sound to "bevills" include "bevelers", "bevies" or "believes".

List of suggestions on how to spell bevills correctly

  • Befalls No one can predict what befalls them in the future, but they can control how they respond to it.
  • Bells The sound of ringing bells filled the air as the bride and groom exited the church.
  • Belville Belville is a small town in North Carolina.
  • Bevels The carpenter expertly carved bevels into the edges of the wooden frame for a perfect fit.
  • Bevies During the holiday party, there were bevies of cocktails and mocktails for guests to choose from.
  • Bills I have to pay my phone bills every month.
  • Devils The Devils lost the game last night by a score of 3-2.
  • Evilly The villain in the movie grinned evilly before attacking the hero.
  • Evils The evils of war are widely known and have lasting impacts on both countries and individuals.
  • Neville Neville Longbottom was a brave member of Dumbledore's Army in the Harry Potter series.
  • Rebills The company set up a system for monthly rebills to ensure ongoing revenue.
  • Refills The pharmacy offers quick and convenient refills for all of your prescription medications.
  • Reviles She reviles her ex-husband for his infidelity and lies.
  • Seville Seville is a beautiful city in southern Spain known for its historical landmarks and rich culture.

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