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Possible correct spellings for bi

  • ai On they came again, " Ai-ai- Ai!"
  • ba An unequivocal answer to this inquiry may ba obtained from the import of her titles, from the bulls of her popes, from the canons of her councils, and from the assertions of her acknowledged authorities.
  • bb The hook B or BB.
  • be "Doant be so skeeart!
  • bi Moreover, Quebec, although she had a no more stormy domestic history, owing to lack of Home Rule, than Ontario, is bi-racial, and on that account underwent in 1840 compulsory amalgamation with her wholly British neighbour, just as Ireland, originally bi-racial, was forcibly amalgamated with Great Britain in 1800. The Canadian partners agreed to break this bond, to fashion a better one on the Federal principle, in the manner vaguely adumbrated by advocates of the "Federal" principle for Irish Home Rule, and, as regards their relations with the Mother Country, to pool their interests and accept representation by the Dominion alone.
  • bib The little boys wear sensible carpenters' aprons indoors, made of leather or American cloth; and the little girls still wear bib aprons of black alpaca.
  • bid Permit me to bid you welcome to Looe, Colonel, and to congratulate you upon this perfect weather.
  • big "Not with the big boy along.
  • bin 250 " " Nasir bin Mussoud .
  • bit What is your last bit of news?
  • biz Variety wrote, "Geared at a zippy pace, and providing lusty and enthusiastic comedy of the broadest slapstick, Buck Privates is a hilarious laugh concoction that will click solidly in the general runs for profitable biz.
  • bk Index: Bk Tract of land on, purchased by Lieutenant-Governor Hunter from Indians, 65. See also Ryerson.
  • bm Council seats Reuters, 16 October 2014↑ Angola assume presidência do grupo africano junto do FMI e BM (in Portuguese) Archived 20 October 2014 at the Wayback Machine.
  • br -- D. S. S. ye. ochroleucus sp. br. apex och. ......
  • bs BS 1363 replaced the BS 546 plug and socket (which are still found in old installations or in special applications such as remotely switched lighting).
  • by By you, Comtesse Hermine, by you!
  • ci I would as soon serve a ci-devant aristo as your accursed Committee.
  • fbi That was found by the Secret Service upon their examination of the limousine here in Washington when it first arrived from Dallas, and Commission No. 567 was delivered by Deputy Chief Paul Paterni and by a White House detail chief, Floyd M. Boring, to a liaison agent of the FBI, Orrin Bartlett, who delivered them to me in the laboratory at 11:50 p. m., on November 22, 1963.
  • gi In contrast, cystine travels safely through the GI tract and blood plasma and is promptly reduced to the two cysteine molecules upon cell entry.
  • hi Hi, hi, here is Red Dog!
  • li 13, 14; 158 li.
  • mi Th' first wor when I lost mi brass.
  • ni Otrosi: Mandamos que las dichas haciendas, e tierras, e solares que teneis en tierra firme, llamada Castilla del Oro, e vos estan dadas como a vecino de ella, las tengais e goceis, e hagais de ello lo que quisieredes e por bien tuvieredes, conforme a lo que tenemos concedido y otorgado a los vecinos de la dicha tierra firme; e en lo que toca a los indios e naborias que teneis e vos estan encomendados, es nuestra merced e voluntad e mandamos que los tengais e goceis e sirvais de ellos, e que no vos seran quitados ni removidos por el tiempo que nuestra voluntad fuere.
  • obi Such were the reflections of Josephine Harris, when her blood had a little cooled down from the terrible fever of fright and anxiety into which she had been thrown at the first discovery; and how nearly right she was in the most important particular-the fact of an attempted poisoning by outward application-all will recognize who remember the interview between the lawyer and the Obi woman of Thomas Street, with the dark paste which he brought away with him as the result of that visit.
  • rbi In 2001 UTI Bank agreed to merge with and amalgamate Global Trust Bank, but the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) withheld approval and nothing came of this.
  • vi Russ, Rose, Laddie and Vi walked slowly through the different downstairs rooms.
  • B 3, 4, N. 1356 b.
  • Bis 384, 'Inter bis quinos usus honore viros.
  • BF Official English country name: Burkina Faso Official language: French Common endonym(s): le Burkina, le Faso Official endonym(s): le Faso Adjectival(s): Burkinabe Demonym(s): Burkinabe International rankings of Burkina Faso ISO country codes: BF, BFA, 854 ISO region codes: See ISO 3166-2:BF Internet country code top-level domain: .
  • BIA Bia. Ah, must I believe You honored my good counsel?
  • BIC The Bic Cristal is a popular disposable type of ballpoint pen whose design is recognised by its place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
  • BL =Holmes, B. E. = One of leaders of the Liberal party in Lower Canada, 50. =Index=: =BL= At farewell banquet to La Fontaine, 1851, 354.
  • BP By J. E. Mercer, Bp. S. P. C. K.
  • BIO According to the ABMI 2012-2013 Annual Report, partners and sponsors include industry, universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations: Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Alberta Land Institute, Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd, Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc, Athabasca Oil Corporation, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Cenovus Energy, Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation, Connacher Oil and Gas Corporation, ConocoPhillips Canada, Devon Operating Corporation (now operating as Brion Energy Corporation), Ecological Monitoring Committee for the Lower Athabasca, Environment Canada, Government of Alberta, Hammerstone Corporation, Husky Energy, Imperial Oil, Ivanhoe Energy Inc.
  • BC It is evident that if the French offensive at B which has successfully pushed in the German elbow at E round Guise is still sent forward, and even succeeds in breaking the German line at E, "the elbow," the two limbs into which the Germans will be divided, DE and EF, are each superior in number to the forces opposed to them, and that DE in particular, with the help of P, may very probably turn AB and its new small supporter at Q, roll it up, and begin a decisive victory, while the other large German force, EF, may press back or pierce the smaller opposed French force, BC.
  • BO He also said that he knew a good thing wherever he saw it, that you were his bo ideal of a British baronet, and that we had very cosy quarters.
  • BU Number farms, 185,351; average value per acre, cleared land, $27.36; woodland, $39.36. Corn crop, 1884, 252,600,000 bu.
  • BX The BX is the final incarnation of the Blackfoot name.

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