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How to spell BILVE correctly?

There are a few possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "bilve". One option is "believe", which is a common word with a similar phonetic sound. Another option is "behave", which could make sense depending on the context of the misspelling. Finally, "bile" is a similar word with a different meaning that could have been mistakenly typed as "bilve."

List of suggestions on how to spell bilve correctly

  • bale
  • belie I cannot believe you would belie your best friend's trust by telling her secret.
  • belle
  • Bilbo After living in poverty his whole life, Bilbo was excited when he found a gold ring in the treasure hoard.
  • bile
  • bilge The sailors had to pump out the bilge water that had collected in the lower part of the ship.
  • bilk The con artist managed to bilk several elderly people out of their life savings.
  • bilker The man was a known bilker, stealing from unsuspecting customers.
  • bill Could you please pay the bill before we leave the restaurant?
  • billed The plumber sent us an invoice for the work he had billed us.
  • billet The soldiers were given a billet in the nearby town during their training exercises.
  • Billie Billie still dreams of the day her parents will finally let her go out with friends.
  • bills
  • billy My bike is taller than Billy's bike.
  • bivalve The bivalve is a type of mollusk.
  • blue
  • BLVD I drove down the BLVD and saw many shops and restaurants on either side.
  • bole
  • brave She is brave enough to walk on the tightrope.
  • breve My teacher gave us a breve for our project.
  • bulge The bulge in his pocket attracted my attention.
  • calve The cows in the dairy farm are expected to calve in the spring.
  • delve
  • halve I need to halve the recipe because I don't need to make as much food.
  • helve When the helve of the axe broke, he was left with a useless tool.
  • live
  • salve He applied a salve to his burn to soothe the pain.
  • silva The forest is full of Silva's.
  • silver I have a beautiful silver necklace that I wear on special occasions.
  • solve I can solve the math problem easily.
  • valve I need to replace the valve on my bike tire because it keeps losing air.

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