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How to spell BIS correctly?

Possible correct spellings for the misspelling "bis" include "biz", "bise", "bias" or "busy". It's important to check the context in which the words were used and the language in which they were written to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell bis correctly

  • Ais Ais is a river in northeastern France.
  • bbs We should talk in "bbs" when we get a chance.
  • bi
  • BIA In financial consulting, BIA is a term used for binary option advisors.
  • bias It is important to recognize and overcome our own bias when making decisions or interacting with others.
  • bib The baby's bib was covered in food after the messy meal.
  • BIBS I always make sure to pack extra bibs whenever I go out with my messy eater of a toddler.
  • BIC One BIC pen per person.
  • bid I will make a bid on that house during the auction.
  • bids There were several competitive bids for the construction project.
  • big
  • bin I need to take the recycling out to the bin.
  • bins I need to organize my kitchen and buy new bins for my pantry.
  • BIO
  • BIOS The BIOS on my computer needed to be updated in order to run the latest software.
  • Bis
  • bit I need to charge my phone a bit before we leave.
  • bits I need to install bits on my computer.
  • biz I just started my own small biz selling handmade soap.
  • bps I have to print out my reports in BPS.
  • bs I cannot believe that I missed the bus, bs.
  • bus I need to get on the bus to get to work.
  • dis
  • His My car is parked in the lot near his car.
  • ibis The ibis waded through the water looking for its next meal.
  • OBIS Obis is a census town in the central district of Howrah, West Bengal.
  • PIS I left my key at home - PIS.
  • sis
  • Wis I am not sure who Wis is but I want to meet her.
  • XIS

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