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How to spell BIZZY correctly?

If you're looking for alternative spellings for "bizzy", here are a few correct suggestions. "Busy" is the accurate spelling, indicating a state of being occupied or engaged. "Bissy" refers to a tropical plant used for herbal remedies. "Buzzy" means lively or animated, often used to describe an atmosphere.

List of suggestions on how to spell bizzy correctly

  • biddy My grandmother always referred to herself as an old biddy, but she had a heart of gold.
  • billy Billy was so excited to go on his first fishing trip with his grandfather.
  • bitty Suzietiny is so bitty I can't believe she can fit in my pocket.
  • biz I'm not in the entertainment biz.
  • bizet She sings with bizet's voice.
  • boozy The boozy punch was the talk of the party.
  • buzz The bees were creating a loud buzz in the garden.
  • dizzy
  • fizz The soda began to fizz after I shook the bottle.
  • fizzy I had a fizzy drink while I watched the movie.
  • fuzzy I can't focus on the project because the fuzzy words are confusing me.
  • jazzy The band played a jazzy tune that had the audience tapping their feet and swaying to the rhythm.
  • Lizzy Lizzy, my best friend, always knows how to make me laugh.
  • muzzy After staying up all night studying, I woke up feeling muzzy and unable to focus.
  • pizza
  • tizzy I was having a great day until I got the tizzy from my little sister.

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