Correct spelling for BLASHED

We think the word blashed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for blashed

  • Bleached
  • 17,047. i show you a piece of half-bleached cotton: what is the usual price of that as an article of retail trade?

  • Clashed
  • On its right, the 2nd life guards cut up the cuirassiers while disordered by the sudden dip of the hollow cross-road; and further to the west, the 1st dragoon guards and 1st life guards met them at the edge of the plateau, clashed furiously, burst through them, and joined in the wild charge of ponsonby's brigade up the opposite slope, cutting the traces of forty french cannon and sabring the gunners.

  • Bashed
  • The beast's skull bashed in easily, being merely thin bones for a thin atmosphere and light gravitation.

  • Leashed
  • 'god, give us peace! not such as lulls to sleep, but sword on thigh, and brow with purpose knit! and let our ship of state to harbor sweep, her ports all up, her battle-lanterns lit, and her leashed thunders gathering for their leap!'

  • Lashed
  • In another minute the mullah had lashed his hands.

  • Bushed
  • He was a little man and nervous, with dark-golden face and hair that bushed and strayed.

  • Plashed
  • The road, muddy with recent rains, plashed under the horses' hoofs and a cold evening wind crinkled the winter wheat.

  • Belched
  • From o'toole's side of the room a ray gun belched fire, but blake was already out of range.

  • Blushed
  • Others again blushed and declined to answer.

  • Blanched
  • At the entrance to the villa, either from emotion or from fatigue, the sick man's poor, fleshless face blanched, and was covered with sweat, and he closed his great, shining eyes.

  • Slashed
  • When they did this the spaniards slashed at them with their swords or cut off their hands, so that one by one they fell back and, still swimming about feebly as well as they could with their bleeding hands or stumps of arms, the miserable wretches perished and sank at last.

  • Flashed
  • Handed me a drink with one hand and flashed a gat on me with the other."

170 words made from the letters blashed

5 letter words made from blashed:

blash, balde, belas, sehba, hales, sabed, blesh, habel, heads, bleda, belda, hbase, heals, haleb, badel, balds, shead, sabel, hasel, bhale, lhsad, leads, ashed, baels, sadhe, hased, shabd, bales, deahl, lebas, hasle, daleh, bahel, ahles, hades, lades, elsah, halde, blade, abels, shade, dales, lebda, blase, basel, adbel, delas, saleh, sadeh, basle, sadbh, leash, bheda, desha, bhels, dahls, bahls, based, deals, sebha, blaes, dhals, abled, helds, asleh, elash, abdeh, beads, shale, dbase, sahle, blahs, sable, dahle.

4 letter words made from blashed:

deal, ehab, head, lehd, hela, lade, lahd, esab, edah, hale, debs, hael, bael, dhal, lead, sled, slab, lesh, sade, beda, ehad, bead, lads, blah, hble, deah, aleh, eldh, able, bash, base, esla, dabs, dahl, lash, sleb, held, eash, heal, shad, dash, seha, ashe, bale, blae, sheb, sale, salh, dale, abls, behl, seal, slah, bade, bald, shed, hald, bahl, abel, abed, leda, sdeh.

3 letter words made from blashed:

dab, ale, led, hel, das, bad, adh, dal, bse, als, ash, sle, lad, bsh, lsd, eld, sdb, deb, lea, dle, sad, sha, alb, ade, dah, bel, sbe, asl, bed, lah, des, lab, sea, hdl.