Correct spelling for BLEETING

We think the word bleeting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bleeting

  • balding
  • balloting
  • beetling Only to him whose coat of rags Has pressed at night her regal feet, Shall come the secrets, strange and sweet, Of century pines and beetling crags.
  • belting Many of the trees yield gums, oils and febrifuges, the bullet tree being bled extensively for balata, a gum used largely in the manufacture of belting.
  • biltong
  • bleeding The day for the bleeding human body seems to be over now that men are mown down by shells fired eight miles away.
  • building
  • fleeting She lowered her face, a fleeting April smile flitting over it.
  • Billeting The Jesuits preached after their fashion daily, promising freedom from all contributions, and from the infliction of billeting, and special favour and privileges from the Emperor; but to the refractory temporal destruction.
  • Bleating The calf was now running back and forth, bleating and looking for some place where it could get out of the barn.
  • Bloating Rarely, bloating may be painful or cause shortness of breath.
  • Blotting Florence had still before her the desk on which she had been writing; and the letter in its envelope, addressed to Mrs. Clavering, but as yet unclosed, was lying beneath her blotting-paper.
  • Blurting She had her hat on, and she was in such a hurry that she paid no attention to the fluttering of the covey, or the prolonged throat-clearing of her father, who had difficulty in keeping Serina from blurting out the end of the story first.
  • Bolting Lorraine observed that Swan himself ate very little, bolting down a biscuit in great mouthfuls while he carried a mattress and blankets out to spread in the wagon.
  • Sleeting
  • bleeping Bleeping is commonly used in English-language and Japanese-language broadcasting, but is sometimes/rarely used in some other languages (such as Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Icelandic, Filipino, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Thai), displaying the varying attitudes between countries; some are more liberal towards swearing, less inclined to use strong profanities in front of a camera in the first place, or unwilling to censor.

216 words made from the letters bleeting

3 letter words made from bleeting:

gee, nig, nit, bin, ebn, eel, lie, blt, get, geb, ent, gen, lit, big, gin, tie, lei, let, nee, nbe, ben, teg, net, nil, nib, lee, gib, tin, tee, eeg, ten, beg, bel, enl, gel, bet, bee, bit, leg, lin, ene, neb, ige.

4 letter words made from bleeting:

gelt, egli, tile, lein, biel, gien, ilet, bine, enel, leit, teen, egin, gnel, gibt, bile, inge, bele, line, bleg, ling, engi, ngee, beel, egen, bein, glee, leti, neel, beet, gilt, nele, liet, giel, nige, belt, ebel, elbe, gent, inle, tebe, iten, gleb, bint, beig, teli, glib, eien, leni, lint, bgee, lien, nebe, elei, bent, bien, nebt, leeb, glen, eile, lent, ible, gene, geib, lebe, nget, gibe, lite, tibe, bnei, eble, beit, tiel, bite, ting, blei, lnge, ilbe, tine, nile, legi, igel, lieb, teeb.

5 letter words made from bleeting:

binge, bilen, liegt, elgie, eglin, niete, benge, leget, benti, liebe, legin, bengi, legit, liben, eitel, blige, gieen, lenti, betie, ligne, linge, liege, eigen, tengi, elint, elbit, leite, neeti, nebit, lgbti, begel, gebel, betel, bilge, genil, tegel, inbee, belet, gleet, legen, nitel, tinle, glebe, getin, leben, gelin, beleg, nebel, lente, lenge, benet, tieng, neeli, negeb, leine, lenig, genet, gilet, beige, tiele, eiben, elite, niele, beine, beile, enlit, beget, telen, liten, igene, leint, ingel, being, neige, belin, tinge, tiene, biten, binet, tenge, inlet, belie, eling, tnble, teign, glint, binte, begin, gente, tingl.

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