Correct spelling for BLLOOD

We think the word bllood is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bllood

  • bald Why, man, you are looking as young as ever, only a little paler and thinner; but look at me-I am not very much past thirty, and I am almost an old man; bald at the temples, crows' feet, too, eh!
  • ballad It would be well worth putting into a ballad.
  • balled You jingled in sleighs, you snow-balled, you lived in snow like a snow-bird, and your blood coursed and tingled, in full tide of good, merry, real life, through your veins-none of the slow-creeping, black blood which clogs the brain and lies like a weight on the vital wheels!
  • balloon I was getting nicely warmed up, and hittin' the balloon at the rate of about a hundred and fifty raps a minute, when I hears somebody break past Swifty and roar out: "Where he iss?
  • ballot He was very pugilistic and had taken an active part in ballot-box frauds in the several elections just previous.
  • bellied 447. The Rufous-bellied Bulbul, according to Mr. Hodgson's notes, breeds in the central region of Nepal, and low down nearly to the Terai, from April to June.
  • billed 392. Accounts differ somewhat as to the eggs of the Red-billed Babbler.
  • bleed If we were to listen only to the friends of animals, we should not have the right to bleed a horse in order to save the lives of 400 children; and this contention would be both foolish and cruel.
  • bloat Backache, 331 Back, pain in, 16, 335 Baldness, 354 Bellyache, 325 Bilious, 38, 63, 207 Bites of snakes, Sisyrinchium, 314 Bladder troubles, 330, 340 Bladder, inflammation of, 311 Blepharitis, 8 Bloat, wind, 299 Boils, 38, 61, 116, 118, 377 Bones, injuries to, 343 Brain, pain at base of, 37 Breast, growth on, 319 Breasts, inflamed, 218 Bright's disease, 46, 332 Bronchitis, 51, 56, 58, 224 Broncho pneumonia, 52 Bruises, 345
  • blond A blond aunt with many gold teeth and many pink and blue wrappers.
  • blood If you rouse the hot blood within us, it becomes fierce and hotter still.
  • blooded He is a damned cold-blooded scoundrel!
  • bloody Then he rose to full stature and he stood over her, his face expressionless as he coiled the bloody whip and held it in a red-stained fist.
  • bloom We were even shown a bloom called the Phoebus, about as like to our Phoebus "as I to Hercules."
  • blot
  • blotto
  • bod
  • bold
  • bollard
  • brood
  • bullied
  • flood
  • lld
  • lloyd
  • Baled Setting his teeth, the boy baled away, and by slow degrees lowered the water a good deal; but he could not cease for a moment, for it surged in through the leak, nor did he dare to push the jersey farther, for fear of loosening the plank more and making a bigger hole.
  • Ballooned He desired first to ask the time of day, and next-here, after a bump to the earth, one's thoughts ballooned again heavenwards-"had I seen a green copy of Shelley lying anywhere along the road?"
  • Belied He stood above the usual height and was thin to emaciation, but with something virile and active about him which belied the apparent delicacy of his frame.
  • Belled But all other vases of startling form and substance, magically articulated, and ornamented with figures in relief, in cameo, in transparency,-the vases with orifices belled like the cups of flowers, or cleft like the bills of birds, or fanged like the jaws of serpents, or pink-lipped as the mouth of a girl; the vases flesh-colored and purple-veined and dimpled, with ears and with earrings; the vases in likeness of mushrooms, of lotos-flowers, of lizards, of horse-footed dragons woman-faced; the vases strangely translucid, that simulate the white glimmering of grains of prepared rice, that counterfeit the vapory lace-work of frost, that imitate the efflorescences of coral; -
  • Bled You grew too heated last night and, as a result of your exertions, your wounds have doubtless bled afresh.
  • Bloomed Over his countenance flitted a shadow like those on the landscape, Gloom intermingled with light; and his voice was subdued with emotion, Tenderness, pity, regret, as after a pause he proceeded: "Yonder there, on the hill by the sea, lies buried Rose Standish; Beautiful rose of love, that bloomed for me by the wayside!
  • Blued
  • Bulled
  • Bollywood
  • Ballard "Or else ask Dr. Ballard," she went on; "he has very kindly provided Eloise with a horse several times, but the child likes a solitary ride, sometimes, as well as you do."
  • bloods Mary went to live temporarily with the Bloods at Walham Green, and assisted Mrs. Blood, who took in needle-work; Everina became for a short time housekeeper to her brother Edward, a solicitor; and Eliza married a Mr. Bishop.
  • booed
  • bloodier One might, with better reason, hold you guilty of all the bloodshed; you whose edicts, bloodier and more savage than war itself, long, ago forced these provinces into the inevitable necessity of waging war; you whose cruelty, but yesterday exercised on the crews of defenceless and innocent merchantmen and fishing-vessels, has been fully exhibited to the world.

22 words made from the letters bllood

4 letter words made from bllood:

lolo, dobo, blod, doll, bolo, doob, bold, odol, boll, dolo.

5 letter words made from bllood:

dollo, bollo, blood.

3 letter words made from bllood:

boo, bod, old, loo, lld, llb, lob, ldl, dol.

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