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How to spell BLOCKA correctly?

The misspelling "blocka" could actually refer to "blocker", which means something that hinders or impedes. Another possible correction is "blockade", which refers to the act of preventing entry or exit of something. Additionally, "blocker" could also be a reference to a sports position, such as in football or basketball.

List of suggestions on how to spell blocka correctly

  • black
  • Blacks
  • bloc The countries formed a bloc against the new trade proposal.
  • bloch
  • block The construction crew erected a concrete block wall around the perimeter of the site.
  • blockade The government imposed a blockade on the country's borders to prevent any illegal import or export of goods.
  • blockage The presence of a blockage in the pipe caused the water to back up and flood the basement.
  • blocked
  • blocker I need to find a good ad blocker to get rid of all these annoying pop-ups.
  • blocks
  • blocs The formation of alliances and trade blocs changed the dynamics of the global economy.
  • bloke
  • bock I can't wait to try that new bock beer at the brewery.
  • Brock My car needed Brock's new struts.
  • clock
  • flock She always keeps a close flock of geese.
  • lock
  • locke John Locke is widely regarded as one of the most important philosophers in history.

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