What is the correct spelling for BLUERAY?

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Correct spelling for BLUERAY

We think the word blueray is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for blueray

  • beery In these first slanting years, in her furnished flat of upright, mandolin-attachment piano, nude plaster-of-Paris Bacchante holding a cluster of pink-glass incandescent grapes, divan mountainous with scented pillows, she was about as obvious as a gilt slipper that has started to rub, or a woman's kiss that is beery and leaves a red imprint.
  • belay He did not belay the tired animal with a whip and curse and swear at him in his helplessness.
  • berry And then Miss Joslyn made a fuss about it and she went home, and after that Lucy Berry flared up at me and said she was going to be friends with Alma after this, and she went home.
  • betray Yet how comes it, O stranger, that having been admitted to Kha-hia's innermost council you now betray his trust, or how can reliance be placed upon the word of one so treacherous?"
  • blare What did she care for these dignitaries in gold, silver, and steel, velvet and silk, gems and plumes, when the enthusiastic cheers of this illustrious assemblage, the blare of trumpets, the thunder of cannon, and the ringing of bells loudly proclaimed the approach of him who, as their lord and master, stood far above them all?
  • blear You glance at your own faults; your eyes are blear: You eye your neighbour's; straightway you see clear, Like hawk or basilisk: your neighbours pry Into your frailties with as keen an eye.
  • bleary And your lodger, is he an ugly, slouchy creature-with hooked nose, bleary eyes and shaggy yellow hair?
  • blubbery "I was born"-shake-"an old maid,"-shake, shake, shake-"I have lived-by the grace of God"-shake, shake, shake-"an old maid, and I expect"-shake-"to die an old maid! I don't propose to have"-shake-"an old windbag offering me his blubbery old bosom"-shake, shake, SHAKE-"at this time of my life!-and don't you forget it, Appleby Cartwright! THERE! You go back home"-shake, shake, shake-"and sober up, you old gander, you!"
  • blue And you like my little blue stockings, father?"
  • blueberry Below him on his right was a stretch of country, covered with blueberry bushes, small fir, pine and spruce trees.
  • blur I muttered, picking it up, and noticing the great blur it left on the page.
  • blurry Much of this software fits the definition of "software that is no longer current, but is still of interest", but the line separating the use and distribution of abandonware from copyright infringement is blurry, and the term abandonware could be used to distribute software without proper notification of the owner.
  • bolero "Ah, but it would do your heart good av you could take a peep at us about twelve o'clock, dancing 'Dirty James' for a bolero, and just see Miss Catrina, the lady's maid, doing 'cover the buckle' as neat as Nature.
  • bray She was dipping down, descending gracefully, over Bray Park.
  • bureau It reached the first drawer of the small bureau.
  • burly Belllounds shrugged his burly shoulders and slouched away.
  • bury We can keep on a dozen miles or so through the woods, an' bury the stuff agin."
  • leary And in Mullan, Knappe saw more even than the successor of Leary,-he saw in him the representative of Klein.
  • leery
  • pleura
  • Leroy
  • bluer Outside the sun shone brightly; and the sky was never bluer.
  • bluesy org said that Abattoir Blues "is very bluesy indeed, a rock and roll album with many angry songs and booming bass lines," while The Lyre of Orpheus "insists on being a separate album, due to its completely different more gentle feel.

226 words made from the letters blueray

4 letter words made from blueray:

bual, bear, beau, bael, bray, lear, aryl, elya, rayl, byrl, beru, auer, ruea, abye, ebur, yale, rubl, buey, brya, lery, bely, raby, erya, ulay, bury, uyab, bery, uale, brue, reul, breu, layr, arey, byul, bleu, leur, raue, raub, rube, lube, rale, luer, blau, rabu, baur, lyre, ryba, luar, laub, real, belu, ryul, eyra, bale, rule, luya, arul, baul, yuba, yuel, reay, albu, bley, ruly, aery, uray, ruba, luba, lyra, uleb, luay, arby, laye, blae, urey, ryle, urea, yule, byer, abul, erby, ayer, elua, earl, yura, blue, blur, rabe, ayub, ubay, bayr, beur, brul, baye, buea, yalu, eral, eury, uyar, bura, ayre, abel, bare, urby, yabu, ebru, year, ruey, reub, baue, rely, yabe, ealy, blye, barl, bure, aury, lure, burl, alur, ruby, ably, able.

5 letter words made from blueray:

beral, realy, eylau, bayle, auble, bayer, belur, labre, relay, ulery, blare, laber, bluer, braly, ayler, blaer, byler, belay, alber, burla, lubra, arbel, belar, ebuya, lebua, buley, ebury, buyer, earby, belau, alery, burya, byrle, auber, burly, early, braye, rabel, beryl, yebra, brule, rubel, baler, ruley, beury, bruel, beary, layer, lubar, breau, blaye, leuba, baule, berau, rayle, blear, urabe, bayul, rabey, ruble, leray, lyrae, leary, rebuy, luray, barye, ubaye, barle, barey, abreu, lebar.

3 letter words made from blueray:

rye, lye, ale, lab, rue, lea, alb, bur, aby, ley, arb, era, reb, ler, bye, buy, bra, bel, ear, ray, url, lay, rub, yue, rya, yea, leu, are, bay, ayr, bar, bey.

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