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How to spell BLUTTERED correctly?

The correct spelling for "bluttered" might be "fluttered", "blubbered" or "flustered". Depending on the context, other options might include "cluttered", "blundered" or "buttered". The key is to consider the intended meaning of the word and choose a spelling that fits that meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell bluttered correctly

  • battered The house looked battered after the hurricane passed.
  • Bettered He has bettered his performance in the last few months.
  • Blathered I blathered on about my day for the whole ride home.
  • blistered "After walking for hours in the scorching sun, his feet were blistered and in pain.
  • Blubbered She blubbered uncontrollably when she received the news of her father's passing.
  • Blundered He blundered into the wrong room and immediately knew he had made a mistake.
  • Blustered The politician blustered through his speech, making grand promises that he was unlikely to keep.
  • Buttered I prefer my toast to be buttered.
  • Clattered The dishes clattered loudly in the sink as I hurriedly washed them.
  • cluttered Her office desk was so cluttered that she couldn't find her pens.
  • Flattered I was flattered when my boss complimented me on my presentation skills.
  • fluttered The bird fluttered its wings in response to the loud noise.
  • Glittered The Christmas tree glittered with gold and silver ornaments.
  • lettered The cover of the book was beautifully lettered, with intricate designs and calligraphy.
  • littered The beach was littered with empty plastic bottles and wrappers.

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