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Correct spelling for BN

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Possible correct spellings for bn

  • an "That will give you an idea of just where I ...
  • ba Plato, for example, taught it as a virtue that the Athenians should hate all other peoples except the Greeks and all other Greek cities except Athens; and they spoke of the outside nations that did not speak Greek as barbarians, people who could not talk, people who, when they essayed to speak, said, "Ba, ba," misusing words and expressions.
  • ban One result was that Fourie was under a kind of ban among his own people.
  • bb bb. Buds not white-woolly; twigs without whitish bloom; opposite leaf-scars not meeting; fruit not persistent on the tree in winter.
  • be " Be it so," the queen replied.
  • ben He fixed his eyes on Ben Weatherstaff in his funny imperious way.
  • bi There's the editor here himself from the Bi-Weekly.
  • bin How would you like a pheasant, my poet, and a bottle of Mignon's bin of '39?"
  • bk Bk Flag of Fort Niagara transferred to, 56; its situation, 56; planned by Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe, 58; mutiny at, 61; silences Fort Niagara, 309. Hd Captured by Major Carleton, 149. Bib.
  • bm BClinSci - Bachelor of Clinical Science BCom - Bachelor of Commerce BCombSt - Bachelor of Combined Studies BCommEdCommDev - Bachelor of Community Education and Community Development BComSc - Bachelor of Commercial Science BD - Bachelor of Divinity BDes - Bachelor of Design BDiv - Bachelor of Divinity BEconSc - Bachelor of Economic Science BEconSci - Bachelor of Science in Economics BEd - Bachelor of Education BEng - Bachelor of Engineering BES - Bachelor of Engineering Studies BEng(Tech) - Bachelor of Engineering in Technology BEng/BSc - Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science BFA - Bachelor of Fine Art BFin - Bachelor of Finance BFLS - Bachelor of Financial and Legal Studies BFST - Bachelor of Food Science and Technology BH - Bachelor of Humanities BHealthSc - Bachelor of Health Sciences BHSc - Bachelor of Health Science BHy - Bachelor of Hygiene BIBA - Bachelor of International Business Administration BJur - Bachelor of Jurisprudence BL - Bachelor of Law BLE - Bachelor of Land Economy BLegSc - Bachelor of Legal Science BLib - Bachelor of Librarianship BLing - Bachelor of Linguistics BLitt - Bachelor of Letters or Bachelor of Literature BLittCelt - Bachelor of Celtic Letters BLS - Bachelor of Library Studies BM - Bachelor of Medicine BM - Bachelor of Midwifery BMedSc - Bachelor of Medical Science(s) BMedSci - Bachelor in Medical Science BMet - Bachelor of Metallurgy BMid - Bachelor of Midwifery BMidWif - Bachelor of Midwifery BMin - Bachelor of Ministry BMS - Bachelor of Midwifery Studies BMSc - Bachelor of Medical Science BMus - Bachelor of Music BMusEd - Bachelor of Music Education BMusPerf - Bachelor of Music Performance BN - Bachelor of Nursing BNatSci - Bachelor in Natural Science BNS - Bachelor of Nursing Studies BNurs - Bachelor of Nursing BOptom - Bachelor of Optometry BOst - Bachelor of Osteopathy BPA - Bachelor of Public Administration BPA - Bachelor of Performing Arts BPharm - Bachelor of Pharmacy BPhil - Bachelor of Philosophy BPhil(Ed) - Bachelor of Philosophy in Education BPhys - Bachelor of Physics BPhysio - Bachelor of Physiotherapy BPl - Bachelor of Planning BRadiog - Bachelor of Radiography BSc - Bachelor of Science BScAgr - Bachelor of Science in Agriculture BSc(Dairy) - Bachelor of Science in Dairying BScD - Bachelor of Science in Dentistry BSc(DomSc) - Bachelor of Science in Domestic Science BScEc - Bachelor of Science in Economic and Social Studies BScEcon - Bachelor of Science in Economic Science or Bachelor of Economic and Social Studies BSc(Econ) - Bachelor of Science in Economics BSc(Ed) - Bachelor of Science in Education BSc(Eng) - Bachelor of Science in Engineering BScFor - Bachelor of Science in Forestry BScHW - Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellbeing BSc(HealthSc) - Bachelor of Science in Health Science BSc(Hort) - Bachelor of Science in Horticulture BSc(MCRM) - Bachelor of Science in Marine and Coastal Reserve Management BSc(Med) - Bachelor of Science in Medicine BSc(Mid) - Bachelor of Science in Midwifery BSc(Min) - Bachelor of Science in Mining BSc(Psych) - Bachelor of Science in Psychology BScHSc - Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences BScPH - Bachelor of Science in Public Health BScTech - Bachelor of Science in Technology BSocSc - Bachelor of Social Sciences BSS - Bachelor of Social Studies BSt - Bachelor of Studies BStSu - Bachelor of Deaf Studies BSW - Bachelor of Social Work BTCP - Bachelor of Town and County Planning BTech - Bachelor of Technology (not to be confused with BTEC) BTechEd - Bachelor of Technological Education BTh - Bachelor of Theology BTheol - Bachelor of Theology BTS - Bachelor of Theatre Studies EdB - Bachelor of Education LittB - Bachelor of Literature or Bachelor of Letters LLB - Bachelor of Laws LLB(Eur) Bachelor of Laws (European) MA - Master of Arts (bachelors level at some Scottish universities) MA(SocSci) - Master of Arts (Social Sciences) MusB - Bachelor of Music ScBTech - Bachelor of Science in Technology
  • br - Br. Med. Jour.
  • bs Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore Zone Rajarajeshwarinagar Zone Jayanagar Zone Bommanahalli Zone Mahadevapura Zone Sarvagnanagar Zone Malleshwara Zone Vijaynagar Zone As per the BS Patil headed BBMP Restructuring Committee, BBMP is poised to be restructured into 5 smaller palikes functioning under Greater Bengaluru Authority.
  • bun "We were goin' to dig clams," added Mun Bun.
  • by "You shall tell me by and by when we are in town.
  • en About an hour was spent at Yarmouth, and then the machine was en route to Scarborough.
  • in You'll be all right, in no time!"
  • mn On 14 July 2017, Brittany Ferries announced it will extend its charter of freight vessel MN Pelican from Maritime Nantaise for a further 2 years.
  • on And you didn't let on to me, oh, no!"
  • rn Captain Wilson, RN, cut down an Arab who was about to kill a soldier, and his blade shivered to the hilt, leaving him without a weapon to ward off a cut which wounded him, though happily not severely, in the head.
  • sn Before merging, SN Brussels Airlines operated the following aircraft:
  • tn Buena Vista, Illinois Buena Vista County, Iowa North Buena Vista, Iowa Buena Vista, Kentucky Buena Vista (Stonewall, Louisiana), listed on the NRHP in Louisiana Buena Vista (Leonardtown, Maryland), listed on the NRHP in Maryland Buena Vista, Michigan Buena Vista, Kent County, Michigan Buena Vista Charter Township, Michigan Buena Vista Valley, Pershing County, Nevada Buena Vista Lake Bed, a watershed within the Great Basin, in Buena Vista Valley Buena Vista Township, New Jersey Buena Vista, Ohio (disambiguation), several places in this state with this name Buena Vista, Oregon Buena Vista, Pennsylvania Buena Vista, Tennessee, an unincorporated community Buena Vista Historic District, Nashville, TN, listed on the NRHP in Tennessee Buena Vista, Virginia Buena Vista (Roanoke, Virginia), listed on the NRHP in Virginia Buena Vista, Grant County, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community Buena Vista, Portage County, Wisconsin, a town Buena Vista, Richland County, Wisconsin, a town Buena Vista, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community Buena Vista Marsh, Wisconsin, a state wildlife refuge, in Portage County Montgomery-Janes-Whittaker House, commonly known as Buena Vista Mansion, listed on the NRHP in Autauga County, Alabama
  • un You'd best sell un back to me; I should be glad on it for five shillings.
  • zn Copper and Zn chelates at the lower rates caused significantly greater increases in blood plasma concentrations than the corresponding treatments with Zn sulfate (p<0.
  • B "My b-braves," he began again, looking sternly round the almost breathless and expectant circle, "when we left our l-lodges in the m-mountains this morning the sun was rising."
  • N 12. Ambrosiaster, 204. Ameretat, 145. Amici Augusti, 137. Ammianus Marcellinus, 211. Ammon, 230 n.
  • BF The case stated that land was illegal that is acquired for DHA Creek View, project of AKD Capital and BF property.
  • BL Sphyrna zygaena, L. Rhynchobatus laevis, Bl. Trygon uarnak, Forsk.
  • BP Bp. Bath and Wells.
  • LN Waddell, Nina T., 2d As. Ln. P. L., Kansas City, Mo.
  • BC The reverend J Dobson BD late fellow of saint Johns college Cambridge was rector of Brandesburton in Yorkshire he was seventh wrangler in 1798 and died in 1847 he was of that sort of eccentricity which permits account of his private life if we may not rather say that in such cases private life becomes public there is a tradition that he was called Death Dobson on account of his head and aspect of countenance being not very unlike the ordinary pictures of a human skull his mode of life is reported to have been very singular whenever he visited Cambridge he was never known to go twice to the same inn he never would sleep at the rectory with another person in the house some ancient charwoman used to attend to the house but never slept in it he has been known in the time of coach travelling to have {235} deferred his return to Yorkshire on account of his disinclination to travel with a lady in the coach he continued his mathematical studies until his death and till his executors sold the type all his tracts to the number of five were kept in type at the university press none of these tracts had any stops except full stops at the end of paragraphs only neither had they capitals except one at the beginning of a paragraph so that a full stop was generally followed by some white as there is not a single proper name in the whole of the book I have I am not able to say whether he would have used capitals before proper names I have inserted them as usual for which I hope his spirit will forgive me if I be wrong he also published the elements of geometry in two volumes quarto Cambridge 1815 this book had also no stops except when a comma was wanted between letters as in the straight lines AB, BC I should also say that though the title is unpunctuated in the author's part it seems the publishers would not stand it in their imprint this imprint is punctuated as usual and Deighton and Sons to prove the completeness of their allegiance have managed that comma semicolon and period shall all appear in it why could they not have contrived interrogation and exclamation this is a good precedent to establish the separate right of the publisher over the imprint it is said that only twenty of the tracts were printed and very few indeed of the book on geometry it is doubtful whether any were sold there is a copy of the geometry in the university library at Cambridge and I have one myself the matter of the geometry differs entirely from Euclid and is so fearfully prolix that I am sure no mortal except the author ever read it the man went on without stops and without stop save for a period at the end of a paragraph this is the unpunctuated account of the unpunctuating geometer suum cuique tribuito[531] Mrs Thrale[532] would have been amused {236} at a Dobson who managed to come to a full stop without either of the three warnings.
  • BO Affronted at my supposed contempt, the soldier with great vociferation swore I was either dumb or deaf if not both, and that I looked as if I could not say Bo to a goose.
  • BU If on the right, it means be, bi, and if on the left of the consonant bo, bu.
  • BX A non-geographic series of postcodes, starting with BX, is used by some banks and government departments.
  • KN Bypass provides a lower fuel consumption for the same thrust, measured as thrust specific fuel consumption (grams/second fuel per unit of thrust in kN using SI units).

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