Correct spelling for BNAK

We think the word bnak is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bnak

  • back I only want my money back."
  • bag I've gone and let the cat out of the bag, but I don't care.
  • bake But I thought you said you had to have some to bake for the social week after next."
  • baku Its importance has since been lessened to a certain degree, for there is now direct railway communication from Moscow to Baku, at one end of the Trans-Caucasian Railway, and therefore to Kars itself, via Tiflis; and equally from Batum to Kars at the other end to which military steamers can bring troops and supplies from Odessa and Novorossik in the Black Sea.
  • balk We say it has "a palpable design upon us," and balk.
  • ban When it was delivered to Ban and Bors, they gave the goods as freely to their knights as freely as it was given to them.
  • banal It would still be banal to say that now in their youth was the only time they would have to form the habit of tirelessly doing their best at every point, and that they could not buy or beg or borrow such a habit for the simple reason that nobody who had it could sell or give or lend it.
  • band If but the brave old band were here, My comrades of the battlefield!
  • bane That sentence was Dot's bane and antidote; it was her vice and her virtue.
  • bang Ring-crash-bang-thunder rolling, rolling-oceans in tumult-whirlwinds of sound-armies crashing together-the world at an end!
  • bank Eagerly I drew it towards the bank.
  • banks At first you catch glimpses now and then through the tree and bush covered banks of the river.
  • bark With these he strips the bark from the larger branches.
  • bask Sez I, "Do you git down and pull down your bask, and wipe your nose and eyes; you look like fury, Selinda Dagget."
  • beak Its claws and beak, however, soon let go, and down it came, its beautiful plumage shining in the sun as it fell.
  • bean But Miss Bean is perfectly harmless."
  • beck But the stars came out, and the new moon shone softly all night on the great fir trees and the rosebuds and the little dancing beck in the Ravensnest garden; and when Milly awoke next morning the sun was shining, and Brownholme was towering up clear and high into the breezy blue sky, and the trees were throwing cool shadows on the dewy lawn around the house.
  • berk Brent Thales Berk (born June 27, 1949) is an American former competition swimmer and Olympic athlete.
  • bilk
  • bk
  • black
  • blake
  • blank
  • bleak
  • bock
  • bonk
  • book
  • brag
  • brake
  • break
  • buck
  • bulk
  • bunk
  • dank
  • hank
  • ink
  • knack
  • lank
  • nag
  • nanak
  • nark
  • rank
  • snack
  • snag
  • snake
  • snaky
  • sneak
  • tank
  • yank
  • Busk
  • Sank
  • bans Bans on the corporal punishment of children have been proposed in Massachusetts and California but have failed to secure passage.
  • BANI Among the Arab Club's founders were Ibrahim Hananu, the president of Aleppo Vilayet's presidential council, Rashid al-Tali'a, governor of Aleppo Vilayet, Najib Bani Zadih, a wealthy Aleppine merchant, Abd al-Rahman al-Kayyali, an Aleppine physician and Shaykh Mas'ud al-Kawakibi, one of the citys leading Muslim scholars.

3 words made from the letters bnak

3 letter words made from bnak:

nab, ban.

4 letter words made from bnak:


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