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How to spell BODER correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "boder", fear not! Here are a few possible correct suggestions: "border", as in a boundary between countries; "bother", expressing annoyance or concern; and "boulder", a large rock. Triple-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell boder correctly

  • abode After his retirement, he moved to his abode in the countryside.
  • Badder He was a badder man than she'd bargained for.
  • bade She bade her guests farewell and thanked them for coming to the party.
  • badger The badger was digging around in the bushes looking for food.
  • balder
  • bedder I couldn't find the word "bedder" in any common dictionaries, would you like to provide more context or a different word for me to use?
  • bede Bede was a prominent Anglo-Saxon monk and scholar who lived in the 8th century.
  • beer I enjoy having a cold beer with my friends on a hot day.
  • bender I'm on a bender and I just can't seem to stop drinking.
  • bidder
  • bide I'll just bide my time and see if she notices me.
  • bier She was drinking a cold bier.
  • binder She uses a binder to keep all of her schoolwork together.
  • birder Some birder enthusiasts travel to specific National Parks in search of the many different types of birds that call those areas home.
  • biter The dog was known to be a biter, so we kept our distance.
  • boar Moments later, the boar came charging across the room.
  • boarder I am a boarder in your home.
  • boater The boater was thrilled to be out on the calm lake on such a beautiful day.
  • bod Bod is the best dog in the world.
  • bode The flowers bode well for their new garden.
  • Boded The room was full of boded boxes.
  • bodega I need to get some cigarettes inside the bodega.
  • bodes The dark clouds on the horizon bodes ill for the outdoor concert.
  • Bodge I had to bodge together a temporary fix for the broken pipe until the plumber arrived.
  • Bodged The repair he made to the leaky faucet was completely bodged and caused more damage than before.
  • bodied He bodied his opponent with a fierce tackle.
  • Bodies Bodies line the streets.
  • BODS
  • body He could feel the heat of her body against his.
  • boer The Boer War was fought between the British and the South African Boers.
  • Boers The Boers attacked the British caravan.
  • bolder She made a bolder decision by quitting her job and starting her own business.
  • booed The performer was booed off the stage after a particularly bad performance.
  • boor The guests were offended by the boor at the dinner party who kept interrupting and talking loudly.
  • Borden Since 1857, Borden has been a leading manufacturer of dairy products.
  • border The border separates the US from Mexico.
  • borders The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many countries to close their borders to non-essential travelers.
  • bore I could feel myself begin to bore as the long, dry lecture went on and on.
  • borer The ash tree borer destroyed most of the trees in the park.
  • boulder I found a boulder at the bottom of the slope.
  • bounder She was a real bounder.
  • bower Cherry blossoms create a tranquil atmosphere in the bower.
  • Boyer He wrote a book about the life of a boyer.
  • broader The broader issue of gun control requires a thorough examination of the issue.
  • brooder During the winter, she sets up a brooder in the garage to keep her chicks warm.
  • coder The coder spent countless hours debugging the program.
  • doer She's not just a talker, she's a doer too.
  • odder The cat's behavior seemed even odder than usual today.
  • ode William Wordsworth's "Ode: Intimations of Immortality" is one of the greatest odes in the English language.
  • oder
  • order I need your order number and your name.

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