How to spell BOEER correctly?

We think the word boeer is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell boeer correctly

  • bar I'm at the Bar."
  • be "They will be right for him," he said.
  • bear It was more than she could bear.
  • bee Bee waited for no further instructions.
  • beef It was his habit to come in from a morning's work with a healthy young appetite keen-set for her beef and vegetables.
  • beep " Beep, ten," the signal came through.
  • beeper Beeper" (song), the debut single by The Count and Sinden Beeper (film), a 2002 film
  • beer There are seven beer tents.
  • beery The Mighty Barnum (1934) – Played by Wallace Beery.
  • beet That Smathers boy was here about ten minutes ago, red as a beet, askin' fer Susie.
  • bey In all probability this movement of Mourad Bey was the result of news he had received respecting plans formed at Constantinople, and the landing which took place a short time after in the roads of Aboukir.
  • bier The coffin was carried by a detachment of the Seaforth Highlanders through the room in which her Majesty awaited the procession, and conveyed to the chapel, where a short service was afterwards held in the presence of the Queen and the near relatives of the dead, and where the nearest of all, the widowed Duchess, paid one brief last visit to the bier.
  • boa A lady paying a visit may remove her boa or neckerchief; but neither her shawl nor bonnet.
  • boar When the wild boar had reached a certain height, the snake pressed him against a tree with a force that crushed his bones and stifled him.
  • boater The boater is a fairly formal hat, equivalent in formality to the Homburg, and so is correctly worn either in its original setting with a blazer, or in the same situations as a Homburg, such as a smart lounge suit, or with black tie.
  • bode Ele. Pray heaven it bode me no unhappinesse!
  • boer As it was, the Boer commandant withdrew his artillery from the fight and relied solely upon his rifles.
  • bohr The azimuthal quantum number was carried over from the Bohr model of the atom, and was posited by Arnold Sommerfeld.
  • boiler The boiler in the Kubisch cloth factory had burst, a part of the huge building near it was in flames, and a large portion of the walls had fallen.
  • bole There is a noble old wreck of an elm at Hatfield, which used to spread its claws out over a circumference of thirty-five feet or more before they covered the foot of its bole up with earth.
  • bone Take all the raw meat from the other chicken, rejecting the skin and bones, but you do not have to bone this one carefully.
  • boo I saw a ghost in my room and it scared me so much that I yelled "boo!
  • booger I threw up a booger.
  • booker
  • boomer Some boomers feel that aging is a period of stagnation.
  • boor I refuse to associate with such a boor.
  • boozer It was a night out at the local boozer.
  • border Running along the border of the desert is a beautiful park.
  • bore I need to bore through this mountain of paperwork.
  • borer The borer was used to extract the coal.
  • bose Bose is a well known brand of audio equipment.
  • bother Don't bother parking in the lot next to the building; the police will ticket you.
  • bow
  • bower
  • bowler My sister is a bowler.
  • boxer
  • boy
  • bur
  • e'er
  • o'er We o'ergrew our youthful wanderings.
  • Been He would have been done for.
  • Boyer I've never heard of a Boyer.
  • Bonner The city of Bonner is famous for its apple pie.
  • Beers Then Peter and I went ashore and swaggered into Lisbon as if we owned De Beers.
  • Bees I hate bees and I hate being busy!
  • BO A few more people came into the car, but not many, and after what seemed a long wait to Sunny, they heard the conductor's long-drawn-out "All a-bo-ard!"
  • bonier
  • Bauer Because Bauer does not raise the question to this level he falls into contradictions.
  • Boers At sunset he arrived, without having encountered the Boers, at the base of Bulwana.
  • Beyer The co-founders of Air Berlin USA were: Kim Lundgren, a former Berlin-based flight engineer of Pan American World Airways; John MacDonald, a former station manager of United States supplemental[nb 1] and charter airline Saturn Airways at Berlin Tempelhof Airport in the 1960s and subsequent general manager Europe and vice president at the Berlin Tegel Airport base of the former United States supplemental carrier and charter airline Modern Air from 1968 until 1974; Mort Beyer, Modern Air's executive vice president from 1967 until 1971 as well as the airlines president and vice president of the National Air Carrier Association[nb 2] in 1971 and founder of United States aviation consultancy Avmark.

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