What is the correct spelling for BOLIED?

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Correct spelling for BOLIED

We think the word bolied is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for bolied

  • bald "Of course I will go," said the Bald Impostor.
  • balled Kneeling on the snow beside her with his back to the drive, he examined each hairy paw for pad-cracks or balled snow between the toes, but the feet of the Ungava were iron; then he took in his hands her great head with its battered nose, blood-caked from the snow barrage she had faced all day.
  • belie All have not the gift to write, or harangue, or speculate, or-" "Friend," interrupted Ardworth, bluntly, "do not belie yourself.
  • bellied In a clearing back of the hotel, but surrounded by the forest, were always a goodly company of birds, among the rest a family of yellow-bellied woodpeckers; and in a second similar place were white-throated sparrows, Maryland yellow-throats, and chestnut-sided warblers, the last two feeding their young.
  • billed When we arrived, December 3, 1878, the city was billed as for a circus.
  • blade The blade was straight and clean, and tolerably sharp.
  • bleed For it is a marvellous thing, and to this day it happens, that when the bloodstained murderer approaches wounds bleed anew.
  • blind Their last words might have been but a blind to draw him from his concealment.
  • blood It's in the blood, sez I!
  • bodied A've jined the polis; the pay is no that bad, and the work is naethin' tae an able-bodied man."
  • boiled 38. Minced hard-boiled eggs mixed with mayonnaise.
  • boiler They looked over all the wagons and their contents, so far as they could, and were particularly interested in the locomotive boiler which was placed on the running gear of a wagon without the box, and with the help of a little rude imagination, somewhat resembled a huge cannon.
  • bold I felt that I had done something very bold and unmaidenly in writing that postscript to father's letter.
  • bole Quickly he lowered his captive to a broad branch, stuffed a handful of leaves into its mouth, bound them there with a short length of vine, then lashed the wrists to the tree bole.
  • bolt "The little town was thunderstruck, it was a bolt from the blue with a vengeance!
  • bolted Having been, through much anguish of flesh and spirit, taught that lying was a deadly sin, Toady rushed to the other extreme, and bolted out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, at all times and places, with a startling abruptness that brought wrath and dismay upon his friends and relatives.
  • broiled Venison steak should be pounded to tenderness, pressed and worked into shape with the hunting-knife and broiled over a bed of clean hardwood coals.
  • build He had invited his enemy to build the church out of his own pocket.
  • bullied
  • burled
  • coiled
  • foiled
  • lied
  • oiled
  • roiled
  • soiled
  • Bailed Poor joker ran the cage past the basement limit-switch three times today and had to be bailed out of the shaft.
  • Baled But is there any sound foundation for the three assumptions involved here? Firstly, that the evaporation from the Mediterranean, as a whole, is much greater than that from the Atlantic under corresponding parallels; secondly, that the rainfall over the Mediterranean makes up for evaporation less than it does over the Atlantic; and thirdly, supposing these two questions answered affirmatively: Are not these sources of loss in the Mediterranean fully covered by the prodigious quantity of fresh water which is poured into it by great rivers and submarine springs? Consider that the water of the Ebro, the Rhine, the Po, the Danube, the Don, the Dnieper, and the Nile, all flow directly or indirectly into the Mediterranean; that the volume of fresh water which they pour into it is so enormous that fresh water may sometimes be baled up from the surface of the sea off the Delta of the Nile, while the land is not yet in sight; that the water of the Black Sea is half fresh, and that a current of three or four miles an hour constantly streams from it Mediterraneanwards through the Bosphorus; -consider, in addition, that no fewer than ten submarine springs of fresh water are known to burst up in the Mediterranean, some of them so large that Admiral Smyth calls them "subterranean rivers of amazing volume and force"; and it would seem, on the face of the matter, that the sun must have enough to do to keep the level of the Mediterranean down; and that, possibly, we may have to seek for the cause of the small superiority in saline contents of the Mediterranean water in some condition other than solar evaporation.
  • Bawled A Ghadamsee bawled out, "Oh!
  • Belied Their full slow eyes belied the words, the gestures eager and unoffending, but knew the rancours massed about them and knew their zeal was vain.
  • Belled The Disan jerked a belled tube from his waistband and raised it to his mouth.
  • Bled My hands bled, but I did not feel the pain; I tore the corpse to shreds, and flung it back into the pit."
  • Blued The smaller sizes are not unfrequently smooth or dead-smooth, and are used in machine shops quite generally for filing interval angles more acute than the rectangle, clearing out square corners, sharpening cutters, &c. Three-square blued files of sizes from 3 to 6 inches are sometimes made.
  • Bowled I inquired, as we bowled out of the station.
  • Bulled
  • Moiled
  • Toiled
  • booed The audience booed, and hissed, and yelled with natural rage and disappointment; the lions remained unmoved, blinking behind their bars, with crossed forepaws, and an air of serene indifference.
  • bolder One of the negroes, bolder than the rest, after wishing Jessie happiness all her days, said he knew it wasn't right to ask her for anything now, but if she "would only give him a little book to read in."

89 words made from the letters bolied

3 letter words made from bolied:

edo, bel, lie, deb, eld, bed, die, oil, obi, bod, dle, bid, dol, ilo, lob, doe, lei, lid, led, old, leo, oed, ido, iod, ode.

5 letter words made from bolied:

oldie, deoli, idole, obied, odiel, bilde, delio, eboli, ilebo, lebid, bedil, doble, bedol, biled, oiled, bodil, lobed, dileo, edibl, obeid.

4 letter words made from bolied:

deol, bilo, deli, belo, blei, bold, doel, olde, bide, ible, loei, bole, biel, boel, iboe, lieb, lode, lido, blod, debo, odel, bode, bile, oeil, lebo, elio, dole, loeb, leio, delo, ilbe, boie, odle, diol, obel, ilbo, olie, idol, lobe, boil, idle, ideo, ileo, lied.

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