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How to spell BOLONIE correctly?

For those who often confuse the spelling of "Bolonie" with "Bologna", fret not! Here are some helpful suggestions to correct the misspelling: "Baloney", "Boloney" or the correct term "Bologna". Remember to slice your thoughts before indulging in any misunderstandings about this popular deli meat!

List of suggestions on how to spell Bolonie correctly

  • Blonde The blonde woman decided to dye her hair brunette.
  • Blondie I saw Blondie performing live last night and their energy was incredible.
  • Bodoni I used the Bodoni font to design an elegant and timeless wedding invitation.
  • Bolshie The workers went on strike, demanding higher wages and better working conditions, displaying their bolshie attitudes towards their employers.
  • Bonnie Bonnie and Clyde were infamous outlaws during the Great Depression.
  • Boogie She couldn't help but boogie to the upbeat music at the party.
  • Bookie The bookie accepted bets on the soccer game.
  • Boone I visited Daniel Boone's childhood home in Kentucky.
  • Boonies I grew up in a small town in the boonies, where everyone knew each other and nature was just a step away.
  • Bosonic Bosonic particles, like photons, can occupy the same quantum state.
  • Colonia I plan to visit Colonia, a beautiful town in Uruguay, next month.
  • Colonic She scheduled a colonic as part of her detoxification routine.
  • Colonies During the 16th and 17th centuries, European powers established colonies around the world for economic and strategic purposes.
  • Colonize The explorers set out to colonize the newly discovered land.
  • Loonie The loonie is the colloquial term used in Canada to refer to their one-dollar coin.
  • Polonize In an effort to promote cultural exchange, the university is planning to Polonize its language department by hiring Polish language instructors.

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